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Here's the stuff I like, music-biased with pride. Oh, and category headers are


Grab bag of unsorted links to play with

- all the stuff from the old "militantly unsorted" page!


Mappa.Mundi Magazine

Boing Boing A Directory of Wonderful Things


ookworld - Observing Obscure Kulture - index

France - Living in France or Moving to France

Solicitors and Legal Resources in the UK and Ireland, maintained by Delia Venables

The Labyrinth

Van Gogh Museum

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Directory - Cannabis Coffee Shop Guide

James Last AS Home Page

EAC - Exact Audio Copy

Pegasus Mail

NONAGS - Adventure, Maps, Travel...

Welcome to Nomadic Research Labs - The U-boat War 1939-1945



DOS (and OpenDos, DR-DOS, FreeDos, PCdos, MSDOS, PTSdos - you get the picture) Links

Ah, the days when I had time to do full descriptions...

General DOS links


A Dinosaur’s Garden a very good comprehensive DOS site, with humour and an individual air!

Chris Wilson's DR-OpenDOS Page

GEM Home Page a GUI for DOS that you can now download for free

F-PROT Anti-Virus Home Page an excellent utility available for DOS

Fractint Homepage free DOS fractal generator program

Interesting DOS programs EXCELLENT list of links to, well, interesting DOS programs...

Unix-like Korn Shell and utilities turn your DOS environment into a Unix-like one

Ranish Partition Manager very powerful partition management

Remi's Homepage V-05 a Dutch DOS (and electronics) page

The FreeDOS Project a free DOS-compatible OS. Loads of links to other DOS goodies too!

THE TERMINATE SITE a BRILLIANT DOS terminal with full Fidonet capability, powerful file manager and more. No updates likely though :(

Wolfgang Hesseler's QuickView Homepage this is the one for graphics


DOS Internet


Arachne WWW browser for DOS that does most of what the big boys do, and well. Includes an email client

Net-Tamer, Inc. DOS Internet Specialists a DOS internet suite that shines for easy email

REVOBILD - text based internet use a treasure to be explored!

The FDISK.COM DOS Internet Pages also kicking - has a large collection of DOS web browser links


The bulk of the links below are taken from ookworld's links page.

However, I notice that this tends to be rather infrequently updated.

In tribute to the many happy hours I've spent with ookworld, here's my selection from it.


Art Links

International Dada Archive

DaDa Online



Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave Art

Survival Research Laboratories

MECA, The Museum Of Ephemeral Cultural Artifacts

Music-making and Instrument Links

Fender Guitars

Vox Showroom

Harmony Central

Accordions Worldwide

Accordion Links

The Classical Free-Reed

The Bongo Page

Greg Latta's Marimba Page


Percussive Arts Society

Drum Machine Museum

Electronic Music Foundation

Music Machines

120 Years Of Electronic Music

Big Briar

Experimental Musical Instruments 70's Mattel Optigan keyboard


Older Technology for Listening to Music

8-Track Heaven


The Edison Shop



Vik Trola's Lounge Of Self Indulgence

Musicians, Composers and Streaming Audio (yeah)

Space Age Pop Music Page

The Three Suns Universe


Rudy's Corner!

Lalo Schifrin

A House Is Not A Homepage -- Burt Bacharach

Exotica List

Spaced Out -- The Enoch Light Website

Mister Lucky


In Hi-Fi

Ratso's Pad

Skip Heller's World Of Hurt

LavaLamp List

Show And Tell Music

Incorrect Music

Songs In The Key Of Z

Audioquarium: Zounds In Cyberspace






The Captain Beefheart Radar Station

Saturn: Sun Ra And His Arkestra

Silver Apples

Wendy Carlos

Corporeal Meadows: Harry Partch Online


Big Mess Orchestra

The Low Budgets


Groove Disques

Sundazed Music

Spectropop! List

The Garage -- garage links galore

Cosmik Debris

Adventures In Sound

Ptolemaic Terrascope

Ethnomusicology OnLine

Critical Musicology Journal

Computers and the Internet

GNU/Free Software Foundation



Need To Know

Ars Technica

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Virtual Museum Of Computing

Obsolete Computer Museum

The Dot Eaters -- historic computer games

Web Standards Project

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