Here's the fantastic Jim's Yardcam.

Rigged up using a jaunty little arrangement of elastic bands, drawing pins and part of a Rizla Blue packet, in the best boarding-school tradition.

Thrill to the antics of my fish. Or my gate. Or whatever the thing has pointed itself at. Unless you are clearly watching a pair of male feet or a wooden floor, you're looking out of my window in some direction or other. Reliability may improve over time - or it may not.

This page automatically reloads every 60 secs, to refresh the image. If the image isn't changing, and/or the timestamp on it isn't current UK time, then I'm offline. I tend to be online (or at least my PC is) from around teatime to around breakfast time here in the UK. No guarantees of anything though. Because I am horrid. Because the world is weird.

Think the pic is taking too long to download, dialup sufferers? Let me know...

Oh, and it's an LG UC35 cam if that sort of thing turns you on.

That got old real fast. Take me back to the blog forthwith!