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Friday November 17 2006

Apparently have been feeling rough for a while

because a virus has been having its wicked way with me. Also, and given my usual state of affairs this is no surprise, I need to get checked out for an ulcer(s). At least I'm not actually dying. I thought I was. I was so dodgy earlier this evening that I took the unprecedented step of going through the NHS Direct website questionnaire, and after establishing that I had scored four out of six on the heart-attackometer - and a score of one or more will make you a lucky winner - I was urged to call 999 pronto. As I had a gig and was due to be picked up in any case I elected to be dropped off at A & E for a decidedly un-rock and roll evening instead. Five hours later I'm back, feeling like a man having a heart attack but without the heart attack. So I guess I'll just have a hot bath and watch the crap on the telly instead. It's all go, I tell you.

Anyway, now I really will get a will sorted out properly. The lack of proper arrangements there was my main concern. I mean, if you go you go - not much you can do about that. But having the state rape your assets is a bit much.

Pity, I was looking forward to the gig and I've bought my first ever expensive and really nice bass. And I'd have had a few quid and free drinks. C'est la vie.

Posted at 12:23 am by Jim Woods

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