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Thursday November 2 2006

All that faffing about,

running different freeware podcast catchers. Setting up different packages, burning files to CD, moving them about by hand. Playing with RSS extensions to Firefox and doing less-than-satisfactory live bookmarks kludges. A lot of fun and games and sweat and tears all because I like to listen to podcasts. And all the while I'm thinking that it would be so nice to have an iPod instead of my Creative Zen Micro, just because then I could have iTunes taking care of all the hard work. I never thought that iTunes was the utter dogs, and although it is a nice piece of kit I didn't especially want an iPod more than my Zen (where's the ethereal blue pulsing light, like a swimming pool nuclear reactor that I saw in Holland and shouldn't have, with yer iPod?), but I wanted the elegance and the facilities of a sexy piece of software. And most of all I didn't really want to spend a load of dosh on an iPod when I already have a nice player that I bought for a good price. But f*ck it, I figured that there's more to my life than monkeying around with software. I wanted to clicky yes yes avant-garde jazz please get on my player and infect the molecular structure of my chav-rocket via my transmitter thing that's harmless but not quite legal yet thanks all the same officer. How else can I put it?

So I'm sat here at my desk with my dear 'puter and a couple of mobiles and a clutch of digital cameras and my Zen machine and a crap Palm that I don't use but let's face it I have a bit of a problem with shiny if it catches my eye when I'm doshed up (there are nearly fifty wristwatches within reach and I often don't wear one and the lighters, my dear, the lighters and the useless key-rings and torches...). I'm thinking I can refine the stuff, and that it all does things I am unaware of but might like. I'm thinking that I'm one step closer to a cooler sad f*ck if all my firmware is up-to-date, and I can taste the functionality like a rusting battleship or a Duracell on my tongue. I rock off to Creative Labs and they say my firmware is of happening vintage but lookit all the other bulky gear I can install. I have a big. fleet computer right here so I think I'll just install it. Can't remember what the Zen thought about the provided PC packages, so time to see. And when I'm offered something called Zencast my pulse quickens and I know it's Christmas.

Now I have the elegance and the ease which I coveted in the i-stuff. I'm pleased. I can easily do my podcast listening all over now without hassle. Nothing compares with having new software you've always wanted. Nothing with my trousers on. The icy skies will resound with my new obscure jazz stuff.

Posted at 4:03 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday October 31 2006

Bah humbug.

It's getting cold. I am therefore reminded that I have had "sort out draughts and heating beforehand" on my to-do list for, ooh, about nine years now and counting. Is it good that I can see daylight around my front door, which mysteriously sticks nonetheless? I think not. Is it good that I am forced out on my bike today to run errands? Maybe. Is it fitting that said bike is in a state that forces me to carry heavy tools to reassemble it on journeys exceeding that to my garden gate? Definitely not. I do have my Fiesta ST chav rocket now though, and it has heated seats. I think perhaps I'll get in there with a bucket and emerge in the spring. As usual with my transport it will be the warmest location I hold title to.

I watched "V for Vendetta" last night, and it was considerably better than I thought it was going to be. Given that I simply wanted to slump in the living room like a sleep-deprived pinniped full of Thai, this was a mixed blessing. And I thought that listing this site on BritBlog might be a bit of a traffic generator, but there is something about a directory with a proudly displayed union jack that discomfits me in a complex and subtle way. You know how it goes. Boiled down to its essence, I suppose that I regard the internet as a force for transcending nationalities and distinctions between people, or something woolly and liberal like that. Something about the "you must be a British citizen to register" worries me.

Posted at 1:35 pm by Jim Woods

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