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Friday October 27 2006

I have finally succumbed to playing about with Second Life,

given that the first one is largely confined to fixing technical problems with other people's computers and my house. Listening to a lot of music, which is not always the case, and preparing to be very busy next week. I have arranged to change my adult car for an infantile one next Monday, and I haven't had a drink for nearly a week which is a national disgrace. My efforts to get at least one bicycle working are proving lengthy, but I have two-wheeled conveyance provided that I carry a 14 mil socket drive at all times...

Posted at 1:00 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday October 24 2006

By the way,

since I am a fairly fearless evangelist for Firefox, I have come across this thing called Wizz. It's an RSS reader extension, or add-on as I believe these little, er, add-ons are now officially termed. The useful thing that you need to know is that it's free and seems so far to work well. It'll let you do your podcast fetishism from within the browser, which means you need fewer applications. This is a good thing. Have a go. I like it.

Posted at 8:40 am by Jim Woods

I am consoling myself by test-driving sports cars,

since bad timing and constant rain are keeping me from my travels. Are we really still having a drought? Is this the beginning of the end of the world due to climate change? Reconnaissance of Mesopotamia continues. It's wet. Very wet.

Posted at 8:11 am by Jim Woods

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