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Thursday October 5 2006

This'll flush out the aged

amongst us. I remember the seventies well. And now the brothers are back...

Posted at 12:40 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday October 3 2006

I am now hoping

that the slight tenderness I still have around my dodgy toothses is just the aftermath of the work done on them and that the infection has pretty much gone. Certainly, there doesn't seem to be any real swelling now. But then who cares about my crap teeth?

I am beset by gigs and social commitments at the moment, almost to the point of wanting less of it all. Why can't these things arrive at more regular intervals throughout the year to even out time on and time off? I obviously need to choose my friends more carefully. Some sort of questionnaire at first meeting might be the answer. When is your birthday? Ideal time to get married? Garden party or smoke-filled room?

I have developed an unhealthy fixation for the old game Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, which although trivial to any bright ten year old I'm sure keeps me occupied pretty much indefinitely. Frequent saving is required as for some reason frequent crashing is endemic to it, but it all adds to the fun. Possibly this could be called friendly fire, as it's my own computer that does it to me.

I have achieved no further breakthroughs in domestic maintenance or organization. Maybe next week. And autumn seems finally to be properly here, on which point yuck. I hate the cold, and I hate the wet. Boiler man, your hour has come.

Posted at 6:22 pm by Jim Woods

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