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Thursday September 7 2006

I found this via MetaFilter,

which is always worth checking, and it's interesting to those concerned with music and poetry.

Posted at 8:01 pm by Jim Woods

While vague but disconcerting background dental problems grumble,

I try to get all the raw takes down for Silvia's EP project so that I can start mixing it. This is not helped by being rather busy trying to organize a trip away (actually we are both independently doing this) and by a lot of general weirdness going on with bad things happening to friends and connections getting jiggy in my electronic shrine. Added to this, my computer is now showing its age in various ways and making me think that it might be time to consider building the audio-specific box I've had in mind for a while. There is, I fear, rather too much last-century tech roaring away in my house, consuming too much power and being flaky. Some sort of rationalization is needed, but I think this will have to wait until I have got the travel under my belt. Ideally, I'd like to keep myself working and amused with stuff that I don't have to think about - but this is a forlorn hope really. It's in the nature of electronic devices to confound. Damn the English weather and cost of living which largely confine one to sitting about at home worrying about such things...

Posted at 7:50 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday September 5 2006

This is fun,

if you like history and archaeology and military history and, well, plain old Nazi buildings. Have a look. Not really a thousand years, eh?

Posted at 5:30 am by Jim Woods

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