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Saturday September 2 2006

Tooth very much on the mend,

fingers crossed, jovial dentist having drilled the bugger and drained a gallon of pus and packed it with antibiotics and then temporarily filled it over. It's not the vestigial root, that's another joy that shares proximity and will need to be dug out too. I reckon it'll cost me the price of an American guitar by the time it's sorted. Still, it's nice at the moment not to living on pills. I may hazard a tipple later, when I've finished a bit of recording work.

Sorry about the pus bit if you were having dinner.

Back soon with, I hope, happier tales. Like how I cleaned the black mould out of my now decomissioned freezer.

I tell you, I have all the fun.

Posted at 7:40 pm by Jim Woods

Friday September 1 2006

I am only just getting a bit less

asymmetrically chipmunk-like, my tooth abscess being a resilient bugger. Yesterday my right eye seemed to be about to close up, but a very good sleep seems to have slightly reversed the tide. I have nearly finished my course of Metronidazole, which is heavy gear. Tomorrow I have leveraged a dental appointment on the grounds that I do not wish to be stuck over the weekend after the course of antibiotics has finished but with the bugger fighting back with renewed vigour. No doubt they will give me more Metronidazole, which seems to be one of those treatments that slows down the illness fractionally more than it slows down the patient. I could murder a drink, but I have to finish the course and then wait for 48 hours. I tell you, it's all fun here at the moment. Thankfully Ibuprofen has pretty much made the pain its bitch.

Having watched the whole of Farscape on DVD after the series had already been cancelled (although they did eventually finish it, albeit in a slightly - I thought - rushed and trite way), and done pretty much the same with Futurama, I thought that I would continue to appreciate dead things of beauty by watching the entirety of Firefly (14 episodes) which I bought last week. Actually, I'd already bought and watched Serenity which is the film made after cancellation. One series of Firefly was not enough, obviously, but at least it stopped before it got, er, crap. I really recommend it, actually, since it is both very funny and very well characterized. I'll have to find something else really absorbing to watch now, since it doesn't look like I'll be out and about in the evenings for a while. I am gaining valuable insight into how people who don't get out much live. They get overly wrapped up in the telly and the variable-quality cornucopia thereon. Of course I mostly do what I do at home, so I'm not getting a great deal out of hanging around here more than usual. I shall have to think about doing the house up at this rate.

Autumn pretty much seems to be here. Bugger. It's not that I don't like it, I just don't like what follows close behind it. I think I'll need to really figure out the drafts in the house and the wheezy heating this time. I've had it on a to-do list for eight years, so maybe the time is near.

Posted at 12:10 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday August 29 2006

On Saturday I was aware that my upper right pre-molar

was a bit tender, but then it tends to be. There is a gap behind it where its mate the molar used to be. Actually, because I used to have a succession of useless trainee dentists foisted on me by my formerly respectable practice here in Beaumont Street, Oxford, there is still a little bit of the root in there causing merry hell. Jokers. My sister had similar trouble with the same dentist, and I think I should have done what she did and threatened legal action in order to get seen and sorted by the senior partner. Still, a year ago I got sick of it all - I don't have so many teeth that I could afford to lose them at the rate these butchers were ruining them - and I went and got myself a private dentist. We're going to dig out the little bit of root that has been known to cause an infection in due course, but it was behaving itself. Until Saturday. On Saturday evening it decided to get really painful. I woke up on Sunday after not a lot of sleep and the whole thing was going berserk. Things were so bad that I resorted to the emergency dentist, after I'd been through a certain amount of telephone tag and triage to get an appointment. I can't fault any of the personnel I dealt with, of course, since they were all pleasant and helpful, but actually getting something done took a while...

On Sunday night I was duly equipped with my industrial antibiotics. Helpfully, these prevent drinking while I am taking them and for a few days after that by apparently working like ant-abuse. I didn't much want to abuse alcohol, but rather treat it as the close personal friend that I have generally found it to be. And so far the antibiotics aren't helping much. So I'm sat here with a swelling that makes me look like Ron Perlman, a certain amount of tiresome pain and an inability to open my mouth enough for any decent grub as well as being sleep-deprived and a bit feverish and far too sober for a sick man. And I have a gig tonight which I am determined to do. What a nuisance teeth are...

Posted at 1:51 pm by Jim Woods

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