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Saturday August 26 2006

I generally approve

of geographicy-soundy-field-recording type things, and so am well pleased by Soundseeker. I mean, combining maps with anything has to be good for we spatial-analytical fetishists who like sound. You can click on things, and you will hear what they sound like. Which means that there are a lot of accidental bit-players out there who have no idea that they are part of this experiment. And for some reason a lot of this reminds me of Blade Runner. Maybe urban field recordings with crowds and music intermingled always will. Probably Blade Runner is so credible a future cityscape that it sounds like one now, or vice-versa.

I want field recording kit. I have a suitable mic, but my minidisc is kaput.

Posted at 1:09 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday August 24 2006

For those of us who grew up

with a healthy collection of Freak Brothers comics at hand, there's a rare event. A new one page strip. This happens about every fifteen years these days, and should therefore be considered equivalent in importance to the arrival of a comet. Or something. My brain is cooked, as I am still trying to find a way to synchronize the big and sprawling bookmarks files on my two overused computers. Incredibly, this only seems possible at the moment by keeping the bookmarks file on a third-party server. Hang on though - what about my network attached storage?

Interesting idea. Be right backs, freaks.

Posted at 3:34 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday August 22 2006

This Google word processor thing is nice,

if you're a mobile sort of a cove. Those who relish the use of Hotmail and other applications which can give you the ability to work on your data from any computer with net access should have a look. If you can't be arsed to have a look, here's the summary from my unashamedly social standpoint:

It's free. It'll cope with Word files (don't ask me how well as it's still in beta and in any case I have not tried this myself). It allows collaboration with other users, which is the killer. You can share access at will with other people, so it'll be great for joint projects.

Web 2.0. I wonder how big this will be? I don't think I'd want anything very confidential or sensitive out there on the web, personally.

Posted at 10:48 pm by Jim Woods

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