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Saturday August 19 2006

When the going's tough

the tough start using the web to look at little islands. Having filled in a few gaps in my detailed knowledge of the Cape Verdes (dire poverty and drought at the moment) and Madeira (a good verdant one it would seem), I stumbled across Fernando de Noronha. The cool thing about this one is that I had no idea it was there. Well, I knew something was - but I didn't realize we were talking population, or even a paved road. Endlessly fascinating, this island exploration thing. The more so if one doesn't have to actually go there.

Posted at 7:39 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday August 15 2006

I should be asleep.

But I have found many very fine sidescan sonar pictures. Better still. And I'm doing the washing.

Posted at 4:05 am by Jim Woods

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