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Thursday August 3 2006

Well, well.

Smaller cheaper cars more reliable, don't you know. Actually, this figures when you think about it. The more electrical crap that cars are festooned with, the more trouble one is likely to have. The article did not say that electrical problems were the main repository of the devil, but we all know the truth. Thankfully Toyota still hold their reputation for great reliability, given that I've just spent all my money on one.

Speaking of electrical reliability, I bought two things in the last week. A small set-top aerial from Argos, made by Telecam and alleged to be a top-reviewed thing for freeview reception. A princely tenner. I'm hoping to not have to cough up two hundred quid for a proper aerial installation on my house, but I think it will probably come to that. Dead as a dodo on arrival, no signal at all. That goes back today. I also bought a Philips cd/radio alarm from Tesco for twenty-five quid. The main attraction was an input for an MP3 player, which is something I'd like to listen to in bed without headphones. Unfortunately the radio bit is desperate, failing to stay tuned and also rather more inexplicably failing to pick up Radio 4. So I'll have to trail back with that as well. Honestly, I don't know what the world of consumer electronics is coming to. It all seems to be rubbish these days. That makes three Philips products I've had in the last year that have been f*cked. A brand to avoid now, for sure.

It's almost chilly. Wild.

Posted at 10:08 am by Jim Woods

Wednesday August 2 2006

Just noticed that the Beefheart house

is up for sale, and I was reminded both that I don't have a copy of "Trout Mask Replica" and of course I need one, and also that I am myself on a tiny scale recorded an album banged up in my house on no budget. In fact, I like to do that. Budget would be an immense improvement of course, but when can we ever count on that? I have even managed to get some time to do a bit of overdue maintenance around the place. I have lowered the ambient noise in the kitchen (or "live area" as we call it here) by two-thirds by defrosting and disconnecting the dodgy freezer. One huge block of ice, a few mammoths and a lot of black mould. And a food museum. This is the consequence of being sufficiently un-domestic not to have been in there over the last five years. Well, maybe six if you believe the dates on some of the stuff. Silvia and I did some aggression-reduction exercises with kitchen implements, and then I gave up and she went off to barmaid and I went off drinking elsewhere and I let the hot weather deliver the coup de grace. So I'm saving a few bob on the electric and the place smells better and is quieter as I record on no budget. These are positive trends. These are good trends.

Also, and this is rare and thrilling, I have gone through the pile of reading matter on my bedside table. And the CDs on my desk and in my living room. Seems I'm winning a bit there. I love to garner good viewing and listening and reading, but when the piles and the sales in the record shops and the TiVo and the web are all yapping at me at once I can get a little hysterical that there is a never-ending tide of media. Fortunately I have calmed down a bit and I look like I'm gaining, which is brilliant and my budget right now should help. Saving now to fix up the house some more and travel in October or sooner. No more media. Absorb rather than acquire. Two gigs this week and I'm then free for a few days. Free, I tell you....

Posted at 2:29 am by Jim Woods

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