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Saturday July 29 2006


I'm poking around on the web sites of the few podcasts I am currently listening to (because I've got that demon well under my thumb now, hurrah) and I find something I know. Who'd have thought that a pretty much random podcast, out of the thousands there are, would turn out to be broadcasting - at least this time - a DJ who works in the pub in the next street? I'd recommend the Cricketers for a chilled Friday night, by the way. Good beer, good atmosphere, good sounds. What else is there?

Posted at 7:28 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday July 27 2006

In no particular order:

DJ mixes from textureDJs, the punishment of closed headphones in weather like this, Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations on the telbeast, a pleasant surprise with the movie "Serenity", Dan Brown-type books by people who can write, garden clearing, bicycle repairs, too much computing, chagrin at the cost of really decent field recording equipment, and the calm of life on the canal for some.

Posted at 3:32 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday July 25 2006

Were I not sworn off the toys at the moment,

this looks like one I'd want. After I'd upgraded my amplification and my ageing and slightly infirm CD player, of course. Oh, the lust.

Posted at 3:51 pm by Jim Woods

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