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Thursday July 13 2006

Relentless recording continues,

to the extent that I am more or less unable to fit in anything else just now. I was to be finished with the really hectic stuff tonight, after our imported Spanish guitar player was to have returned to Spain. Accordingly I scheduled the rest of my life, which has largely been on hold, to continue from tomorrow. Javi the guitar man then announced with triumph that he had postponed his flight until Sunday. So now I am even more pressured over the next few days. Marvellous. Were Silvia and Javi not such delightful people, and the material not so strong, I'd be getting really pissed off. I reckon I may have got the time to go drinking at midnight tonight, and I reckon I need to.

In other news, I went to see the incomparable Jeff Beck on Monday at the Tower of London - something which I really didn't think I had the time or energy to do at the moment. I'm glad I made time and borrowed energy. You can sleep when you're dead! Apart from the great music from Buddy Guy and Jeff himself, my faith in Indian restaurants was restored by a cracker in Brick Lane afterwards. Probably the best patia I've ever had. Yesterday afternoon I squeezed in a quick attendance of my friends Darren and Catherine's wedding, which was blessed at a rather lovely church which I had no idea even existed and was followed by a great picnic on Angel and Greyhound meadow which pressures of recording forced me to leave before I would have liked. All the best though guys!

Right - quarter to eight. Off to fix computers.

Posted at 7:33 pm by Jim Woods

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