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Friday July 7 2006

Live storm data!

This is a really interesting way to spend a thundery night, watching the lightning not only out of the windows but over a much wider area plotted on a map. Thanks to Steve for drawing my attention to this!

I'm still trying to catch up with my listening, and I may now be winning. All I have to do is leave Juice alone...

Posted at 4:56 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday July 6 2006

It seems to have been a week not only of recording

but also of getting copies of friends albums. Now all I have to do is break my moratorium on listening for a while and give them all a proper appraisal. Seemingly, there is no escape from music. Other things that I have put off for a while and must now address include cleaning the house and going to Tesco. It is no longer hot enough to justify inertia. And thankfully not hot enough to endanger sanity when I close all the doors and windows in order to use sensitive microphones.

Ah, the house cleaning. If I did it more than about twice a year I could reasonably complain...

Posted at 4:28 pm by Jim Woods

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