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Friday June 30 2006

Tour de France joy begins tomorrow,

somewhat muted in the wake of loads of silly sods like Ullrich and Basso being pulled from the race for alleged doping offences. I suppose I shouldn't yet be calling them silly sods, actually, since so far there are no admissions of guilt or proofs presented. Still, I thought Ullrich might pull one out of the hat and win this year since after Lance Armstrong's retirement the race will be pretty open. Now, clearly, that won't happen. It will nonetheless be very interesting to watch the race this time, and a little weird not to be constantly watching out for Lance to make his moves.

Posted at 7:32 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday June 28 2006

Right, that's it.

I reckon that a tipping point has been reached, and that I now have so many sources of nebulously defined "cool stuff" to listen to that they are creating content faster than I can sit still and get through it. Given the number of podcasts and their ilk out there, and the fairly small proportion of those that I have actually checked out, this is a fairly frightening thing. I am unconvinced that having all this choice is a good thing for me, but maybe that's because I have self-destructive completist tendencies. I am either going to have to weld my MP3 jukebox to my head 24 hours a day or do something to get on top of the addiction. Despite recent resolves to immerse myself in sounds, I'm suffering from listening fatigue. I do wish that I found it easier to be a bit less all-or-nothing about my listening habits. After all, listening is supposed to be a pleasure rather than a chore. Approaching the computer on the basis that it is like a glorified to-do list which contains items that I need to work through is not bringing me joy. Therefore I am going to clear the decks of the content that I have already downloaded and then take a sabbatical for at least a week or so and see how it goes. I might then actually get around to doing some structured recording of my own on the eight-track.

Posted at 1:54 pm by Jim Woods

Monday June 26 2006

I'm coming to realize that how much I write here

is in inverse proportion to how much of a life I'm having at any given time. Which is a shame, but also a valid formula. On the other hand, it may also be that writing here is inversely proportional to watching the telly, which is a rather less worthy thing. Although I feel the pro-active selection and watching of DVDs is rather less bad. I mean, it's not like I'm watching Big Brother or something. I just bought the first two series of Shameless, and they are genius.And I'm spending a lot of time recording Sylvia, which is fun and resulting in my learning my new 8-track inside out - albeit a bit slowly. So I'm afraid the essays will have to wait. Net is good, but music is better. Sometimes I can forget that.

Posted at 6:37 pm by Jim Woods

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