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Tuesday June 20 2006

Began to write a lengthy piece

last night on plans to charge for resident's parking permits last night. Spend hours fizzing with rage and then scrapped the piece. Possible later use. I don't think it was doing me a lot of good to sit up until nine in the morning ranting. Readers, of course, may well have liked it. Perhaps I'll finish it sometime. But after a hectic weekend and before what looks like being a hectic week I think that what I need is sleep...

Posted at 1:24 am by Jim Woods

Sunday June 18 2006

I apologize for being a bit quiet.

I have been spending a lot of time getting to grips with my new 8-track recorder, a Zoom 802. It's a fairly low-end model, but results so far have been quite encouraging with some nice recordings of Silvia put down. She's pleased to get some recording time, and I'm finding it useful to learn the ins and outs of the machine with a good singer as source material! As always the key elements are chiefly a good performance and then secondarily competently engineering it. Avoiding clipping is the main thing with digital gear, and I don't want to use unnecessary compression. Therefore much playing with limiters.

My friend's 40th last night went off brilliantly, with much good food, beer and music. Several hours of top reggae fired up the garden from my PA. Many insect bites on my head. If you haven't hear Alpha Blondy doing "All Right Now" then you probably should.

Muggy weather, but at least it's warm. Rain is expected, but apparently this does very little to alleviate the drought. Obviously there's a lot I don't understand. At least the plant growing in my guttering has died of natural causes...

Posted at 5:46 pm by Jim Woods

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