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Wednesday June 14 2006


I've got about an hour before my friend comes round to record some of her stuff. And some housework to do in order to save my pride a bit. Oh, and I need to have my dinner. So now would be a good time to figure out how to use my new 8-track recorder, in order that we get something done. Some people thrive on pressure. I thrive on leaving things a bit late...

Posted at 5:49 pm by Jim Woods

Monday June 12 2006

Well, it's now officially hot enough for me

to enjoy a nice barbeque chez Tukey on Saturday night. Hot enough indeed for excellent cream tea chez father-of-Tom this afternoon. Hot enough for all manner of outdoor pursuits, a lingering summer cold notwithstanding. Too bastard hot, however, for sorting out a great tangled mass of cabling, which is what I find myself doing in the relative cool of the early hours. Oh, cabling. I have so much cabling that even I do not have enough audio gear to consume it all in connections. In fact, I probably have more length in cabling than is necessary to trace every route to everywhere I go. Which is a great idea for an installation piece, but quite likely also a way of donating it all to the musical denizens of the East (Oxford). If I just had one more room in the house to put all the music stuff in...

But I don't. I do have Round Midnight, though, thanks to Peacock (wow, I remember the days when that page referred to a current domicile and an exigent band). And bloody good it is. Sorry about the tossy popup, which seems to be an unwelcome new feature of IMDB. IMDB however remains such an invaluable resource that I will wear the intrusion. It would be nice to figure out how to block it though, since it's the only one that gets past Firefox. As far as my browsing trails are concerned, anyway.

Right, that's it. Bed and book. Busy week ahead. Fresh meat to record, things to do.

Posted at 2:29 am by Jim Woods

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