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Friday June 9 2006

This has been a week of celebrating other people's birthdays,

enjoying the sun as much as hairless light-skinned people can do, editing audio and developing a summer cold. Bloody summer cold. Still, I've managed to remain lurgy-free for a record length of time so I suppose I was about due. Perhaps the hot weather will sweat it out of me a bit. It's a bit of a shame, as my social schedule for the next few days is rather hectic and much of this will have to be missed, but that's life. I am also reminded that my archaic heating system is incapable of creating hot water without simultaneously running all the radiators, which makes for an interesting positive feedback loop. The creature perceives the heat, developing a sweaty. A bath is prescribed, and heating deployed. Deployment of the water heater causes the temperature in the creature's enclosure to rise. Hot weather prevents the enclosure cooling. I think the pattern is clear...

Audio editing-wise, I've been editing the man himself's work out of a hundred hours or so of the John Sinclair Radio Show. Not, you understand, to excise him but rather to have as much as possible of his stuff in a pod-friendly form. From what little I can gather from the net and from the local record shops, almost all of the albums are unavailable. Bummer, consigning me to compile and edit away for hour after hour. But it's worth it.

Got ticket to see Jeff Beck at the Tower of London in July, with additional bonus of Buddy Guy. Should be excellent. "Woot" is customarily said at this point, I gather.

Back to my editing. The end is in sight...

Posted at 1:28 pm by Jim Woods

Monday June 5 2006

Oh Audacity, how (relatively) easy you make my audio editing.

It's good, and it's free. Great for tarting up stuff, including MP3s.

Posted at 1:09 pm by Jim Woods

Sunday June 4 2006

A lot of mucking around trying to figure out why my broadband has been down

for the last day or two. Well, not even I am so net-obsessed to have been trying to connect all of the time. It was out for most of yesterday evening and night though, for example. Once I got it back I was able to look at the Pipex service reports on their site and see that this was indeed a Pipex problem. Clearly this is not the best way to find out however, there being a high degree of irony in only being able to monitor the service effectively in its presence. I had suspected my D-Link router/modem/wireless thing, since I generally find this to need restarting every few days. Load of rubbish, really, so we live and learn and buy a Netgear or something next time. I like what I've seen of the Netgear stuff, which several of my friends are running. It seems very well put together and reliable. Actually, when compared to the D-Link everything seems very reliable...

The warmer weather is very welcome. I need to buy some summer shirts. Oh, and get out and about in daylight hours. I was out in the Cotswolds on Friday and found a fairy tale little piece of woodland beside the road, reminding me how little woodland there is these days. I'll be back out there with the camera soon.

Posted at 1:49 pm by Jim Woods

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