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Thursday June 1 2006

There's a nice site dedicated to the jalapeno chilli,

and the various excellent things you can do with it, right here. In culinary terms at least. Of course you may want to squirt the little beggar in your enemy's eye. That'll do it too. But let's just stick to the cooking. The reason I direct you to this site is because I needed to at least read about something nice with the jalapeno in there. Because I've just had a bad jalapeno experience in real life.

I bought some Tesco "Limited Edition" cheddar with jalapenos in it. They were red, which is less usual than the green - I'd never seen red ones before in fact - but apparently that's kosher enough. Now I'm a big fan of cheeses from Tesco. They generally get it right, and often very right. But this stuff was filthy, like Red Leicester with vestigial heat and a really quite nasty plastic taste. I've just used it up on toast with some tomatoes and some Encona (the daddies) BBQ chilli sauce. I'm a real Gordon f*cking Ramsay, I am, when I get going. Even so, it was horrid. It didn't want to melt much either, which is a total pisser when cheese on toast is your aim. I suppose it didn't have a lot of fat in it. I don't think it had a lot of organic matter in it, frankly.

So people, do not buy this stuff. Ugh.

Especially, don't buy this stuff together with a load of other stuff and then go off to the jazz in the pub and get ratted and go home without it all. Don't do that. And really, really don't then go out the next day and buy some more to replace it before discovering that it's like a ratatouille of ill-lubricated prophylactics.

You'll be very disappointed. I was.

Posted at 10:59 pm by Jim Woods

Well, that David Gilmour...

I shall be concise. It was chilly and wet. It's nice to walk through Hyde Park. It's less so when it's chilly and wet. But nevertheless, and in spite of the depress-o-train, the evening was a success.

Bad points:

Gilmour's new stuff.

Albert Hall sound, bar prices, seating comfort and my specific seat up on the ceiling.

Good points:

The old stuff, David Bowie as a guest.

First drink in the Zetland, South Ken, in around 23 years.

Damn the road works in Oxford which rendered the fast bus impractical.

Posted at 2:07 am by Jim Woods

Monday May 29 2006

Off to London to see

David Gilmour this evening, playing at the Royal Albert Hall. I've seen Gilmour before, but I've never seen the Hall. Let's hope they're both on form...

Last night, German friends introduced me to the delights of white sausage with sweet mustard and black bread. Very interesting! I think I prefer sausages to be grilled rather than boiled, but something new is never to be missed. At least in the sausage world. The black bread had planetary mass, which astounded all those who lifted it, and contained ginger and other spices less easily identifiable. Delicious, though. The sweet mustard, apparently a secret recipe, clearly had a fair amount of dill in it. In fact, to me it was reminiscent of the mustard you get with Gravallax in Sweden (I think - in London in my case).

I have acquired a Zoom MRS-802 multi track recorder, which in combination with a selection of decent microphones and my computer now means I can quickly and easily do simple recordings at home. I was initially cautious about going for this particular unit because it can only do two tracks of recording simultaneously. Then again, I have the use of a 24-track studio for more complex stuff, and the idea was to have something easy to use at home. I love the fact that there is a decent drum box built in, and some decent outboard inboard - as it were. The price was right, and the hard drive relatively large. Initial experiments have been encouraging; engage meaty hip hop on the drum box, select dual Soldano amp modelling on the guitar, play like fourteen-year-old with fixed stare. Magic stuff. Next step is to get it to work doing demos for some people.

Tomorrow I use the train to get to London, parking and drinking making the car useless and roadworks scuppering the bus. I don't think I've boarded an English train in twenty years, so that'll be a novelty. Perhaps a worthy use for my Creative jukebox thing at last.

Posted at 1:20 am by Jim Woods

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