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Friday April 28 2006

On the good side,

it seems that Blog will cope with posting to Blogger. On the bad side, I cannot for the life of me get it to work. Now in the past I liked nothing more than mucking around with recalcitrant software and its friends, but those days have largely gone. Certainly when the weather is half decent. Now I want to spend my time listening to music, looking at art, reading books and even producing the odd recording. So there is every chance that I'll just keep blundering along here for the time being.

Posted at 9:50 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday April 27 2006

Oh yes,

and I really like Chiarina's massage path, but myspacebollocks makes it a bit of an ordeal to comment and say so. A curse on the comment spam which makes all the verifications and logins necessary. It should be really easy to interact on the web, and these abusive tossers who spam are messing badly with the dream. I mean, Thunderbird today had the usual 100 or so junk mails filtered away from me. This is sad reality, and I deal with that. But 30-odd spams were identical! Talk about a waste of bandwidth. Talk about stupidity on some little idiot's part.

Posted at 12:50 am by Jim Woods

As tiny compensation

for my not being in Amsterdam right now, I notice that Google Earth now has all of greater Amsterdam in good detail. An Earl-Grey inducing night's explore, to be sure. And for sounds, key brethren John Sinclair is an admirable companion. Virtual Amsterdam. Actually, teeth continue to be an issue and I reckon I'm sickening for a cold, so it's probably not such a bad thing that I'm not in a tent as we speak, or living on Febo or carrying out cultural and artistic experiments on my head. Or on the piss, in fact. Although, of course, I am on the piss here with some dedication. Grimly I inch back the throttle, but I was born to it really. A break abroad, when it eventually comes, will be fantastic.

Posted at 12:41 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday April 25 2006

Further to my travails with my web space on Pipex,

which I freely admit I had simply not looked at properly for a while since I just point and squirt this blog at it, I found another thing which slightly concerned me. I discovered a subdirectory full of smileys. A whole nasty little nest of them. Now I'm not really a smiley kind of guy. I use ascii ones in email, but other than that nothing. Where I do see a load of such things, however, is on a popup from "tribalfusion" which seems to be the only popup capable of penetrating Firefoxes anti-popup defences. Is it possible that this piece of junk somehow got transferred onto my site via a link I posted or something? I mean, I run AVG antivirus, Spybot S&D, Ad-Aware and Spyware Blaster, all kept up to date and used copiously. If that's not enough to ensure that things stay clean and safe then frankly I begin to wonder. I face some cheery work sorting out systems for friends who have neglected to do all that as well. When, if ever, will the tide of malware, viruses and crap ever end?

I do like bicycles. Maintaining 'em is so simple...

I am not in Holland, because one friend was hospitalized and the other f*cked around by work. I think perhaps I'll shortly just go on my own, avoiding this sort of last-minute mess-up. A couple of issues with teeth need sorting first though.

Even though I have now restored Blog to shiny functionality, the urge to migrate to Blogger is strong. I'm just playing with some software that will allow local copies of my content, and when I reach a conclusion I think we'll be prettier and more commenty. This will no doubt please many of you :~) See, I did a smiley.

Posted at 2:54 pm by Jim Woods

I'm back.

Well, I've had a right old time with this blog over the last few days. For some reason, last Wednesday I think, I lost the ability to publish to it. Unsure whether this was a problem with Pipex (where this resides) or with my software, the prosaically named Blog, I decided to fire up an FTP client and have a look around. I loaded up Filezilla, which is a great free client, and immediately found that I could connect but not actually do anything. Couldn't even get a directory listing. Baffling, creaky old WsFTP did work, although it's excruciatingly slow. I'll cut a long story short. I have just found that, in contravention of everything that has ever been the case before in my fifteen year experience with FTP, I now need to enable active transfers to get any webly action with my site. Usually enabling passive transfers sorts out problems of this type. I've never known it cause one, but - well, it did. I was doing my nut over this. But now everything is good again.

So what made this change? Was it something Pipex did? I think they'd have told me. Nothing changed in my Blog configuration either. On the contrary, I had to change a setting that has worked for four years perfectly well. I am beginning to think that the trouble might have been caused by a recent security update to Windows, but I'm not quite enough of an expert to know why that might be. It just seems to be the only option. Something, perhaps, to do with the Windows firewall? Then again, I tried turning that off and still got no joy.

It's all sorted now. Hello again.

Posted at 1:57 am by Jim Woods

Testing, testing,


Posted at 1:56 am by Jim Woods

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