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Tuesday April 18 2006

Remind me, next time I go to London,

that there are two things I should not do. Firstly, I should not arrange my affairs in such a way that I make my (virtually bicentennial) trip just when everyone is returning to town from a bank holiday. This is not hard to sort out. Secondly, and this is harder to do, I should stick to my planned route; by which I mean that I should not, when confronted with stationary traffic along the way, begin to thrash around like a beast in pain. I should not let a heady combination of psycho-geography, half-forgotten memories from twenty years ago and sheer wilful instinct dictate my strategy. Although, it must be said, I am now considerably more familiar with South-West London than I was the day before yesterday. I should be. I spent a couple of hours exploring it. And that South Circular Road... That you are welcome to keep.

I had a nice Chinese though, and it was lovely to see my friend. He thinks that sometimes he might be losing it, when he's flying in the face of convention with his historical research. I think that means he's doing something right. He also thinks that sat-nav is the way forwards, and on this he may or may not be right. I prefer pieces of paper and compasses and maps and stuff like that. But then I'm steam-punk. And reactionary with it.

Posted at 10:06 am by Jim Woods

Sunday April 16 2006

I seem to be so busy these days,

finishing up niggling things that have waited too long. And from the 24th I'm away camping for five days, which requires me to dig out a load of camping gear which I'm sure I have but which I cannot remember the condition of. One thing is for sure, and that's that none of it was particularly good in the first place. I'm a believer in the "if someone nicks it never mind" school of travel, so I have very cheap kit. Saying that, provided that I don't have to contend with freezing weather I'm as snug as a bug in the proverbial rug in my jaunty ten quid sleeping bag from Argos. My fingers are firmly crossed that Belgium and Holland will content themselves with being characteristically windy and damp, and restrain themselves from being bloody cold.

New Doctor Who was pretty fair, although Christopher Ecclestone was the man. Cracks in my house are under threat now that I have a tube of filler, a 99p set of three plastic scrapers and a bad attitude. And I'm looking forward to seeing a friend for dinner tomorrow who I have somewhat neglected of late. Roll on busy. It's better than being bored...

Posted at 11:44 pm by Jim Woods

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