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Thursday April 13 2006

Scirocco has gone

to a good new home. That's a relief. Pub is too much of a lure at them moment, but that's not such a bad problem to have...

Posted at 4:46 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday April 11 2006

Fun boys day out today in Duxford,

admiring the planes, vehicles and boats. They really do have a lot of impressive stuff, and every time I visit there are new delights. We all enjoyed ourselves a great deal, even though there are few places less easy to drive to from Oxford than Cambridge - the relatively short distance notwithstanding. Five hours or so in the car for three or so at the museum. How we suffer for our art...

Lovely sunny day though, and 42 miles to the gallon of diesel. And now I have a plastic compass on my key ring, so there'll be no getting lost in the desert. Or Luton, which amounts to the same thing.

Posted at 12:18 am by Jim Woods

Sunday April 9 2006

Just played through the demo for Tomb Raider Legend,

and it was pretty impressive. I shall, of course, wait for lower prices before I play the full game. But buy it I will. I like a bit of intellectual stimulation.

Posted at 5:53 pm by Jim Woods

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