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Thursday April 6 2006

The software that came with my Creative Zen Micro

drove me mad with its intrusiveness, as well as having my pet hate - a cumbersome skin which could not be disabled. I hate programs that can't be disrobed to the standard Windows interface, which in itself is plenty big on overhead and small on performance IMHO. Not all of us have recent fast computers with power to burn. My friend, on the other hand, has recently bought a rather flash Creative Sleek 20gb machine, and he swears that the software is not a sprawling mess. Given that he has my old machine, a humble Duron 850, I am given hope that maybe Creative have seen the light a bit! On the other hand, perhaps he is less fussy. I have to say that this is just as likely a scenario. Anyway, by sticking updated firmware on my Zen I was able to achieve two things. Firstly, the ability to deal with Windows DRM, which I'm not convinced is a good thing, but secondly and rather more usefully the ability to simply drag and drop to the player as though it were any other external drive. For me, this is the way to do things. Simple as possible.

I am still using CDex to rip my discs in the first place. I've used it for years, as although no longer in development by the original author it is a good free ripper. I think, though, that I've got my ASPI tied in knots. I shan't bore you with the details, but this means a long and painful dig around in that most unrewarding of places, Windows driver hell.

Little else to report, other than that my innards continue to sort themselves out. It's gone back to being chilly, so I've gone back to ignoring it and amusing myself indoors.

Posted at 7:32 pm by Jim Woods

Monday April 3 2006

Every time I think I have a stretch of time free to get out of the country,

a whole slew of stuff comes along which I have to attend (well, really want to or really should do at least) and travelling gets pushed back down the agenda. At this rate I'm going to have to face up to the fact that I live here. Yes! Nooooo. Wrestling with other people's computers, attending art events, and still trying to get down to London for a curry on some acceptable evening. I still have not cancelled Sky. I still don't have my bookcase back from my sister to allow me to organize - for the first time in a decade - all my CDs and tapes and DVDs and videos in one place so that I can begin a weeding out process or even figure out what I do and don't have. There's certainly a lot of stuff that has been lent out to mystery borrowers who have not returned it. I hate it when that happens. The bloody frost is set to return tonight for a few days, which I loathe. The new vehicle is great, and I'll get the chance to really use it before long I hope. Home and garden maintenance issues remain unresolved. And I don't have a free evening this week. Or I may, but at such short notice that doing much with it will be a long shot. Nonetheless, touch wood, my innards are behaving again; so I don't feel that the outlook is too bad.

Posted at 4:32 pm by Jim Woods

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