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Friday March 31 2006

As an early fan of the Notes From Spain podcasts,

I've also come across the photo pool. Some incredibly beautiful pics of Barcelona in there.

Ah, the Flickr. A man could spend his whole life mooching about in there. Perhaps I'd better up my game and take a few rather more arty pics myself now that I've upgraded my photographic apparatus from toy (really) to entry-level...

Posted at 3:28 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday March 30 2006

While trying to stabilize the inchoate innards,

I have been reading some art books, doing a little light housework, and forcing myself to watch some of my accumulated TV. Yet again, I resolve to cancel Sky. Now that I have Freeview the Sky is simply a means of applying pressure on me to use it enough to justify the cost. With a few exceptions, I'm not all that fussed about TV in the first place.

My flash new Motorola Razr V3 phone, a toy made all the more gratifying by having been a "free" upgrade from Vodafone, seems to have very poor battery life. I suppose that when one has all those bells and whistles attached to something so slim the writing is on the wall for the battery life really, but it could still be a bit better I would have thought. Doubtless when the novelty wears off I'll resume use of one of my treasured collection of old clunkers. The one thing I do love about the new phone is the ability to use a Bluetooth headset when parading about the bailiwick in my RAV4. This has proved surprisingly handy for communications purposes, although it has the rather less pleasing side effect of making me appear to be one of "them". Of course it is entirely possible that I am. A sobering thought for today. At least my head is full of high thoughts about art and culture, and my fuel economy is excellent...

Yesterday I had a very pleasant lunch in Coco's with Rami, whose second album (and first to go to commercial duplication with proper artwork and all I think) we recorded in my kitchen last year. The whole enterprise was carried out with a prehistoric Fostex 8-track which I upgraded with a bigger retired hard drive (the capacity of which it mostly refused to recognize), a cheap condenser mic or two, a stool, a music stand, some rollies and a lot of water and coffee. We ran a fairly minimal number of takes, and we spent rather a lot of time with Soundforge doing the editing and production. Cowley road buses are amongst the guest stars, but you need a hell of a stereo to hear them. The cheap acoustic guitars did sterling service. The budget was, I think, in three figures rather than four when the work left the kitchen. I am thrilled to report that it's a really nice record, and one that I've listened to a lot since I got my copies. I can even bear my guest guitar solo at the end of the album, and that's pretty much a first. I think we can be proud of it. The masterer - if that's a word - has done a great job. Maybe it's the master? Let's not tell the doctor, whatever. A job well done.

You should, of course, all immediately buy it. Rami and I need the glory, and the money will help to buy more coffee. Contact via his web site.

I may risk some lunch...

Posted at 2:20 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday March 28 2006

Confined to quarters these last two days

with really shocking food poisoning :(

Posted at 4:36 am by Jim Woods

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