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Thursday February 16 2006

"When in doubt, return to the roots"

What a splendid sentiment, which I have heard expressed before but have most recently read on WFMU. Check this site out. The blog is always stimulating, and there's much slightly off-kilter programming to be had there. It's becoming a staple read and listen for me. The only problem is that the whole shebang is so content-rich that my self-imposed guidelines for time to spend on any one cultural thing are in danger of being breached. But then how many things can you say that about? Recommended it is.


Posted at 10:43 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday February 14 2006

There is a smell in my living room.

It is a tricky smell, both to identify and to trace. There are an awful lot of different varieties of smell, and they are not easily described. This one is school of spilt milk if anything, and it has grown in strength over the last week or so. As I know that there has been no milk spilt over this period, or indeed in the last few years, I am not sure how to proceed. To add insult to injury, the epicentre of stench seems to be right behind my home entertainment shrine. I have carefully prodded around the area as much as I can, given my modest proboscis and general cold-weather snottiness, and I can say with reasonable confidence that the smell is not emanating directly from any of my electrical equipment. I have not actually un-racked the whole lot, because this is the work of lifetimes, but it's not an electrical phenomenon unless I'm very badly mistaken. Of course, the problem would have to arise in perhaps the least easily disturbed part of the house.

I notice that my gas meter is a bit moby-looking on the other side of the wall from the source of the smell though. The window through which, in slightly happier days, I could read the meter is covered in heavy condensation on the inside, so that'll be some sort of fault. I shall ring the gas board in a minute about that. Also, there is a sort of small ditch outside the living room window where the higher level of my small garden comes down to meet the wall of the house. Ever since my ex-wife decided that it would be a nice idea to simply jettison all the detritus of open fires out of the window over a long period, resultantly causing a build-up to above the level of the damp course, there has been a certain amount of damp in this corner. My sloth in clearing away the autumn leaves has not helped this situation. Given all the evidence, you'd think there'd be a strong case for saying that what I have is penetrating damp in the corner and the smell that goes with it. This may indeed prove to be the case, but does damp smell of sour milk? I don't think so.

One thing's for sure. Sorting this out has become a priority.


Posted at 12:27 pm by Jim Woods

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