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Thursday January 19 2006

My broadband was out

this morning for half an hour or so. First time in a couple of years that I can remember that happening. And it's a terrible state of affairs when I'm telling you. Sorry. Will try harder.


Posted at 11:41 pm by Jim Woods

Some really great and weird images

here, created by turning old scanners into cameras. The most interesting pictures I've seen in a while.


Posted at 10:13 am by Jim Woods

Monday January 16 2006

State Scirocco now has four round, balanced wheels. This is good.

It also has brakes, after my trusted ally changed the brake fluid and the front disc pads (Ferodo, indeedy). What I thought was incipient overheating seems to be, touch wood, just a normal VW tendency to run hot. It's all coming together. Just some minor stuff to do now. I cannot recommend Cris Birks Motor Engineers in Chinnor too highly, by the way, for cheaply truing up my buggered wheel on the spot for next to no money. This lot will definitely be getting my business in future, when DIY or DIA (do it Al) is not feasible. Now to figure out what is rattling underneath. Hopefully, ideally, not the exhaust. In my fit of maintenance I have also been tweaking my Ibanez guitar, neglected since purchase. Tomorrow I fester in The Music Box. It's been too long, and I have stuff to shift and sh*t to shoot. Try saying that quickly.


Posted at 10:23 pm by Jim Woods

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