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Thursday January 5 2006

I am filled with lurking dread

by the prospect of redecoration. There's no doubt, though, that I really need to have a good clean out of junk and do some making good of plaster and so on prior to repainting the place. There are two real problems. Firstly, the place is tiny and fairly full of stuff, making it rather difficult to get anything out of the way to do the work. The second is that I really don't fancy it. This year, though, I need to get on the case. I will be staying here for a while yet, given the state of my exchequer, and there are things I want to do that require a pretty drastic rethink of how the house is organized at present. A lot of this has to do with owning a fair amount of instrument amplification, which takes up a great deal of space. It should be possible to press it into service as furniture though :> What I need is a piece of software that will allow me enter all my major stuff and furniture as objects and them model the house and play with layouts. I must have a look for something free that will do the job. I am really stuck in a sorting things out mode at the moment. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.


Posted at 2:34 pm by Jim Woods

Did I mention how essential it is to play Samorost 2?

If not, be advised that it's essential to play Samorost 2. Seductively quirky.


Posted at 12:39 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday January 3 2006

Interesting art here

from Aram Bartholl. The theme of interaction between online and offline worlds is something I find particularly interesting. Offline world? Oh yes, I meant real life...


Posted at 11:20 am by Jim Woods

Monday January 2 2006

Although I am a Firefox boy as far as browsing is concerned,

and let's face it's mostly about the browsing really, my second computer is an elderly Dell laptop. This has a screen resolution of 800 by 600, which can be termed "not big enough GA". Most people these days are assumed to run at 1024 by 768 or more, and indeed I run at some ridiculously high resolution (can't remember exactly) on my old skool 19" Liyama X-ray machine attached to my principal weapon. I browse around my manor on the laptop, and were it not for the screen resolution I would be a happy man. I discovered the answer, though. Opera, a really good free browser - stable, fast and full-featured - is only let down by the lack of Firefox's extensibility. One thing Opera does have is the ability to zoom the whole rendering area (webly goodness to you) by degrees. I set the thing to show at 80 or 90 percent size, and suddenly everything fits in the horizontal margins of the browser. Otherwise, I am sorry to say, it very often does not. Three cheers to Opera then, and you'll see what I mean if you try it. I am heavily biased towards anything that lets me get more life out of hardware.

Culturally overloaded today. Have walked for a few hours in some sun and taken the air in town, to clear the head. Having done so have watched a BBC4 documentary on the Radiophonic Workshop, have watched the film Sahara on DVD (wonderful mindless fun), and have listened to a fair amount of podcasting on the subjects on spirituality-cum-philosophy, Harry Potter and cookery. Currently reading blogs linked from the excellent BlogSpain, of which I particularly recommend shortcut, and preparing to listen to newly acquired albums "Boulevard" by St Germain (love "Tourist") and "Celebrating the Sixties" by James Last. God knows Lasty celebrated the sixties, and indeed still rather does. Cheers me up even more than the Bushmills single malt.

Chiefly preoccupied, technologically speaking at least, by the continuing issue of commenting, or lack of it, here. I really, really need to get to the bottom of a more flexible site design and the software with which to do it. But I'm so loving listening to podcasts, to the detriment of many other pursuits including the commenting implementation.

Adjusted the bottom bracket on spare bike today. Is it me, or are these things tackier and nastier with every passing year?


Posted at 11:47 pm by Jim Woods

I just took the trouble to patch my two machines,

according to the information here. This latest exploit is a nasty one, to be sure, and as yet there is no solution for systems running anything earlier than Windows 2000. Perhaps this is the final call to upgrade to XP or whatever for all those running senile versions? It seems unfortunate that older Windows boxes should be rendered redundant by what is basically bad design, but then again there are plenty of advantages to using newer versions of Windows as well as newer hardware. The vastly improved USB handling in XP alone sold it to me, what with the rapidly-expanding plethora of things that one might want to use via USB. I find it hard to imagine being without my USB flash disk, Creative Zen jukebox and my little digital camera now. Ah, the joys of relatively straightforward data exchange.

Of course I get into one of my favourite and lengthy rants about data formats here, but I'm not going to. Because the sun's out, and there's coffee being made in town. If that's not an incentive to dust off the bicycle then I don't know what is...


Posted at 11:34 am by Jim Woods

Sunday January 1 2006

Happy New Year, all.

Judging by my experience, which was fun but latterly somnolent, my resolution should be to be less profoundly tired during 2006.


Posted at 3:06 pm by Jim Woods

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