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Saturday December 31 2005

My D-Link ADSL router/firewall/wireless/modem thing

stayed up for 926 hours doing its job before I had to reboot it because something went funny. This is probably the best it's managed yet while I've had it. It's been running continually for the last nine months. 926 hours means roughly five and a half weeks. I'd be interested to know what counts as good for one of these devices. I realize that the D-Link falls into the category of "decent enough" rather than "enterprise grade", but then for me it works very well and it's hardly a problem for me to reboot it from time to time. Unattended use would be more demanding. Having said that, I've never had it crash as such, so there's always the ability to remotely log in and restart the unit or perform other maintenance. I haven't had one of these things before, so I'm quite interested in it as a tool. I aspire to using more, but prettier and less obtrusive, systems around my site, so networking is very much my study at the moment.

Today is milder and even a bit sunny, which means walkies. Drinkies, of course, will prevail during the latter part of the last day of the year.


Posted at 12:54 pm by Jim Woods

Friday December 30 2005

Freed of obligation to gig tomorrow,

with mixed feelings like looming suit and pocket money, I face the usual grind of jollity at my local. I'm not sure what else one would do on New Year's Eve really. I continue to struggle with a recalcitrant Dell. I gradually get the house and myself back to normal. A nice afternoon out visiting friends with godson today; first normal thing I've done in weeks. Weather is now chilly rather than cold, and that's a big improvement in my book. Do not feel like ranting here about computers, and every other form of technology has avoided enraging me in the last few weeks so there's no techie stuff right now. Tonight is quiet night in followed by fairly early night reading Oxford Civic Society publication received as gift. This I find endlessly fascinating. Despite much snow and rain over the last few days, Scirocco has kept the wet out. Three cheers. I have ever-increasing stocks of essential oils and incense, so it's terribly fragrant here. Infantile racing car game continues to delight, but Myst V seems too much like hard work right now. Inroads are made on catching up with TiVo, but four films to be recorded over the weekend will once again give TiVo the upper hand. Palm is predictably discredited.Finances are still messy, but not skint messy at least. Bed seems unusually inviting.


Posted at 11:38 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday December 28 2005

If at all possible,

I now have to ease myself back into "normal life" after the Christmas period. Normal life is distinguished from Christmas life, as we all know, by attempts at healthy eating, exercise and attendance to one's - well, life. "Doing it after Christmas is out of the way" has now become "doing it", and this starts with an ice-bound trudge up to Tesco. Were I that sort of creature which thrives on mince pies and Christmas pudding, this would probably present me with a cornucopia of discounted possibilities. Sadly I am not. I am the sort of creature which has festively thrived upon a great deal of beer, a fair amount of scotch and whatever I have been able to buy or beg during the rare confluence of wakefulness and available retail facilities. This has been next to nothing. I am the only man in the country who has exited the festive season needing a square meal and a night's sleep, in all probability. I am even too partied out to write anything decent here. And I have to work this afternoon, which will further impact on fragile head space. I need to do this Tesco now. It is really not going to get more appealing as the day wears on. I know it. Brrr.


Posted at 10:51 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday December 27 2005

Well, on the whole I had a good Christmas.

Relatives orderly and in generally good cheer, although mother rather frazzled and deaf. Abstinent Christmas day and Boxing Day in order to at least partially compensate for appalling levels of the seasonal jollity from Wednesday up until 10-30 am on Christmas Day. Oh yes, abstinent evening on Christmas day then I suppose. Anyway, presents all round very fine, and now some effort on my part to live within budget and untangle various messes by the new year. There are financial woes and car woes and tiredness and lack of a diary for next year to concentrate on. And people to catch up with this week, and a Christmas present to be bought for my godson (I know, I know), and computers to sort and gigs to rehearse (be nice to meet one of the band before new year's eve at least). Makes me feel ill to look at it actually. Bikes to fix. Garden to clear. Ugh. Must - watch - telly.


Posted at 3:12 am by Jim Woods

Monday December 26 2005

A belated Happy Christmas

to one and all!

Posted at 2:16 am by Jim Woods

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