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Friday December 23 2005

Wrapping done,

most friends caught up with, drinking rife, fairly hectic. Nonetheless, Christmas is good. Now to play infantile racing car game for a while.


Posted at 4:57 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday December 20 2005

Having gone against all my principles of self-organization

and bought a Palm (Zire 21, basic as hell, very cheap deal), I thought that I would do the decent thing and actually try to use it to keep my life on. As it were. I installed the software on my PC. I noted in passing that the Palm Desktop software for the PC is actually quite a nice little application as these things go. I can put my appointments in, keep contacts in there, and keep memos and to-dos. Lists, lovely lists. So far so good. It all syncs to my Palm well enough too. I miss my masses of bits of paper, which as I've said before I have an emotional attachment too, but there's no particular impediment to using the Palm as a substitute. My fear of batteries in general when combined with important things is obviated by the battery life of the Zire, which is ridiculously long. Entering data is quickish, although no substitute for notepad and pen. Bit there is a reason why I shall not adopt the Palm as a constant organizational companion, and ironically this is no doubt related to the weeks-long battery life.

You can't see the bloody thing. Okay, it's fine in daylight and under good lights. But I am, more often than not, a creature of darkness. I skulk in energy-saving bulb gloom. I stalk the streets at night. I always did. And therefore, lacking a back-light to the screen, I cannot read the Palm most of the time. Of course there are back-lit models, but they are real money. And, I'm relieved to say, I wasn't going to spend real money when I have no particular problem with using notepads and diaries. So I get to remain an analogue man in at least one important respect. And that suits me fine.

It's useful for reading text files during the day though. I'll give it that.

I have differing copies of my bookmarks, podcast subscriptions, and who knows what else all over the place. And now I've learned not to care. Christmas is a time to be jolly, not organized. Bloody Christmas shopping tomorrow, followed by some bloody wrapping. Ho ho ho. Love it really.


Posted at 2:35 am by Jim Woods

Monday December 19 2005

I have a distinctly soft spot

for the kind of web sites that are rudimentarily put together but brimming with content. As I also have a soft spot for bicycles, I was delighted to come across Sheldon Brown's delightful site. Don't miss his list, with photos, of all his amazing home-made creations. This guy just sticks every imaginable part together to see what happens, I reckon. If I had the space I'd be the same, as tinkering with and riding bicycles is one of life's great pleasures. I fixed bicycles for a living for a few years, and it was very satisfying. In fact, having read a bit about Sheldon I feel I should immediately get out there with my spanners and attend to my own modest stable of two bikes. Except that it's dark and cold.


Posted at 2:13 am by Jim Woods

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