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Thursday November 24 2005

I've long been perplexed

by the apparent disparity between the two weather forecasts I routinely see. The Met Office forecast for Oxford says one thing, while the one on My Yahoo (which link may or may not work for you) says quite another. Today I see that the Met reckons we're in for cold temperatures and maybe a little rain, although nothing to take fright at. Yahoo, on the other hand, is forecasting snow and bitter cold. Who to believe? It's always like this. Almost enough to make me stick my head out of the windows instead and form my own opinion. Anyone know what might explain the conflict between the two forecasts?


Posted at 1:10 pm by Jim Woods

Note the new little button in the left-hand column of my site.

Found it in my wanderings, and couldn't resist the idea of causing a bit of grief to spammers if at all possible. Mmmmm, Spam poison.


Posted at 12:46 am by Jim Woods

I played around with my networking settings,

chiefly with reference to the advice here. Nothing I hadn't played with in the past, but the last time I actually messed around with my configs was a few reinstalls of XP ago. I actually did get a bit more throughput as a result, around 5%, so I'd say have a go. The process will teach you a bit about your setup too.


Posted at 12:41 am by Jim Woods

Monday November 21 2005

A hectic end to last week,

perhaps not surprisingly, with a fun gig at the Exeter Hall where we managed to get it together followed by a very drunken Friday and then a christening on Saturday. A chance to admire the beautiful stained glass in Exeter College chapel, followed by an afternoon in the Randolph Hotel, a slightly brave for comfort vindalao at Qumin and a night of guzzling and jollity in the Half Moon. I am reminded that there is nothing like being out on the razzle around the clock, that this takes it out of me, and that there is no particular disgrace in sleeping a little from time to time...

Today I visit the dentist as penance for it all. I now have a dentist who actually knows what he's doing, which is refreshing after some of the depredations of recent years. Private, and therefore expensive-ish, but thanks be for mothers with too much money and proper tax-planning staff. It was becoming pretty clear that my previous gnasher-mechanics (who shall be nameless, but in Beaumont Street which appealed to my snobbery and I'd been going there for years) were not terribly interested in doing NHS work and therefore were engaged in a Mexican standoff with me to see whether I'd throw the towel in before they wrecked all my teeth to the point where I no longer needed anything except a couple of fully-loaded plates. If you want a proper dentist, with a bit of experience under his belt and a pleasant manner, then Sapsford at the top of George Street is highly recommended.

I'm temporary suspended from studio work as a result of client skintness before Christmas. Actually, not having to drive out to work in this horrid freezing foggy weather is no bad thing. I shall therefore occupy myself by sorting out the persistent niggles with the carb on my flash new 1907 Scirocco, which I am getting on with pretty well. Further investment in the sound system in it is also scheduled.

I have relented and given in to the urge to confirm my suspicions that I am not an electronic organizer person by buying (for a very good price, having had some unexpected extra work last week) a basic Palm. I don't think I'll be replacing my Filofax with it, but I am finding it rather handy to be able to load up text from the web and read it elsewhere in spare moments.

Couple more gigs coming up, so that's all good. I never get enough. I have discovered that the nylon washers on tuning machines, which fail on me with depressing frequency necessitating ruinously expensive replacement of the whole mechanism, can be replaced by carefully shaped bits of old credit card to good effect. A minor triumph over the forces of mass production!


Posted at 10:01 am by Jim Woods

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