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Friday November 11 2005

Silence and reflection today at 11am

And poppies red or white.

Posted at 2:11 am by Jim Woods

Monday November 7 2005

I think I may have unjustly accused the more recent Firefox builds of instability.

I now reckon, having used my proprietary f*cked-up methods of software analysis, that something else is causing the problems. Possibly Acrobat reader, which becomes ever more bloated and irritating with each passing update. I think something's wrong with one of the programs that interfaces with browsers, in any case. Opera seems to be misbehaving too, which is a clue.

I don't really have time for this at the moment.


Posted at 5:54 pm by Jim Woods

Last week I bought a small 1 gig MP3 player to hook up in the car.

It failed almost instantly, making the score last week:

Technology purchased - one item.

Useless - one item.

Perhaps I'd be better off writing the songs down and singing them?


Posted at 5:42 pm by Jim Woods

I thought the bloody computer had packed up again last night.

Well, at half six this morning in fact, as I was trying to get some kip but had suddenly remembered where I might have stored some data I wouldn't have minded seeing again. So I'd dug out the old forty gig drive where I thought my stuff might be, and hooked it to the USB with my LED-festooned bargain USB-EIDE cable thing. Coloured lights are always good, and Christmas is a-coming. Booted the system, and the bloody monitor kept switching out. I hate that about recent monitors. I thought to myself that perhaps my graphics card had kicked the bucket, as the fan on it is a bit hit and miss. Note: like everything else electrical these days it's manufactured from human arse by disinterested personnel using suspect methods. I quickly bunged another old Nvidia card in that I keep handy as a spare, but there was still no ball being played. Bollocks, I though eloquently, something more serious is amiss. I went back to bed to resume tossing, turning and sweating for a bit.

When I arose, Venus-like not, I had another go with the original card in there. I'd tried two cards, so I was pretty sure it wasn't that you see. This time I tried booting the system without the USB-EIDE thing plugged in. It worked. So now I know that the system will not boot with extra storage hooked up via USB. I reckon I know why, but I'm not going to bang on about it here. I just wanted to say that, yet again, I thought technology had conspired against me by failing right when I didn't need it to.

Oh yes, and my data I was looking for wasn't on the drive.


Posted at 5:28 pm by Jim Woods

Being one to warmly embrace a lack of spit and polish where motor maintenance is concerned,

I have been thoroughly enjoying the selection of rat bikes pictured on this site, and others linked from it. Some of this stuff is just mind-boggling. I actually had a few MZs, which were much better bikes than their reputation would suggest, that you could have called rats. Paid, I think, forty quid for one once; that was the expensive one. They were a better bet than the Japanese iron I owned at various points, because they were easy and cheap to fix and I knew people in the owners club who had shed loads, literally, of parts which could be raided. I particularly liked the fact that there was no proper key and that you could therefore get them started with your penknife or screwdriver or whatever else was to hand. A stick, once. Security? I had no seat on the thing. I've got a big arse. I put on a seat for long distance work, like further than to college, and on those occasions employed a comedy combination bicycle lock. This sufficiently dissuaded an already disinterested criminal fraternity. And apart from the perishing cold and damp of winter, I thoroughly enjoyed the riding. So much so that I still occasionally drop by a bike dealer and fantasize about getting another bike. A cruiser, with cowhorns. A Ural Wolf would be very cool, having the essential characteristics of cheap easy maintenance and imposing presence with an added dash of Soviet agriculture. Oh, the temptation of it all.

Then I remember that my preponderant method of dismounting motorcycles was via sliding down the road on my arse, sometimes with lasting ill-effects. And I think I might not be a silly old man after all. Maybe best to stick with the car.


Posted at 5:11 pm by Jim Woods

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