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Saturday October 29 2005

I am now the proud owner

of one of the last VW Sciroccos to be made, in a fetching bright red. 43,000 miles from new, and all the history which shows that the previous owner pretty much just replaced everything that wears out every ten minutes. There are only a few minor blemishes. It gives the impression of being about a year old, driving and even smelling like a new car. I've never seen a nicer one, and I got it for under a grand. Despite having had sterling cheap transport from the state Micra these last few years, it's nice to have something with a little cachet again. I suppose this means I'll have to take care of it, and even wash it from time to time. I never washed the Micra in nearly four years, feeling that that sort of activity was a bit, well, sad frankly. I mean, it's just a lump of steel isn't it?

I have now become rather sadder.


Posted at 6:28 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday October 27 2005

It is mine,

and when I've averaged more than 2 hours sleep in 24 as well as worked hard in the studio all day I'll tell you what. There may be pics. Imagine how dull we could get with that! Dreamy.


Posted at 2:33 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday October 25 2005

I have sacrificed sleep to read books.

This always the risk whenever I have a decent stash of reading material, as I prefer reading to sleeping by a large margin. Of course I don't necessarily prefer reading and feeling as though I've been hit by a truck full of sleeping potion to sleeping, but everything has its price. And I generally don't work days, although it would be nice to get up Modern Art Oxford as well as sort out a few things to do with my possible change of chariot. And I've got a desk full of silly bits of paper of various sizes and colours containing things that need dealing with. But I'll do all that in a minute; tea is the sustainer, and full of anti-oxidants to boot.

Garden still needs doing. Newly acquired super-cheap-deal acoustic guitar still needs sorting. Desk needs clearing (in train), teeth need fixing (in train at some expense) and an awful lot of AA batteries need buying so that at least something round here will work again. Richer Sounds do impossibly cheap Duracells, or at least they did, so there's another reason to get into town tomorrow.

Books were Chris Stewart's "Driving Over Lemons" (very tranquil read!), Lev Grossman's "Codex" (a B-plus thriller with a literary theme) and - well, a few others. Andrew Loog Oldham's "2stoned" deserves particular mention, because it's not only very revealing of the music industry and it's figures but also because he's a really good writer. I must read "Stoned", the first one. Got a nice little William Gibson lined up too, which will be impeccable as always I'm sure. This is what happens when you're a reading junkie and your car breaks down close to a decent little independent bookshop.

As you can see, I have yet to cast off this blog and metamorphose over to Blogger with my new software toys. Just haven't had the time. Well, that and sentiment too. Change of vehicle, change of phone service provider, why not change of blog? Nothing last forever. Well, apart from the Peavey Deuce guitar amps from the seventies.



Posted at 1:20 am by Jim Woods

Sunday October 23 2005

Still blogging on this site,

and still playing around with some new software. The state Micra has thrown a bit of a fit, which may herald the end of that particular road, but I have (touch wood) a "vintage sports car" with 35,000 miles on it from new lined up. Stay tuned on that one. Other than that, a week of gin and tonic and honing my skills (read: being shown) with recording vocals. Better than a real job, one must admit.


Posted at 4:45 am by Jim Woods

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