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Tuesday October 11 2005

What a terrible shame

this is. That place would have done me more nicely than most. Still, it would have needed to be on the Thames of course.


Posted at 5:25 pm by Jim Woods

Monday October 10 2005

I am in the middle of a great sorting out

of scraps of paper, calendars, diaries and lists. Nothing has convinced me that the computer is any help with this sort of thing, so I'm doing it the old-fashioned way. At least the historians and archaeologists of the future will be left with something readable. I bought the most fantastic pocket-filing-cabinet sort of thing the other day, clear plastic with six coloured separators. Just the job for carting all my rubbish around in. I do like a good piece of stationery. The weather is turning distinctly cold, and my mind turns to my collapsing heating system. Why does everything to do with heating systems cost car prices?


Posted at 3:12 pm by Jim Woods

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