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Wednesday September 28 2005

Ah look, twenty to six in the morning!

That'll be a good time to go on about media players, then. There's a certain amount of medial (hello, no spell check alert for that - must be a real word after all) joy to be had from Tplayer. You will see that the site for this creature can only be described as basic. The player has not been updated for a couple of years either, so may have ceased development. This is not a terribly full-featured player, but it does have a few things going for it. Big things are that it's free and it works very well; you can feel the smallness of it in the speed with which it responds to your beastly urges. It's good old quick and simple stuff. Also, it's really simple to use and has cross-fading and pitch adjustments on the two virtual players that it contains. I like these basic DJ facilities. They're good fun, frankly. The media library and playlist functions are really good and simple to use, and the auto-mixing functions also add to the fun. In fact, this player is all about fun. No visualisations or streaming or video-playing capabilities, unlike all the stalwarts of this genre of software, but then no great clutter either. Loads of info in the displays, although they could be a bit clearer.

If what you want is a player to run your audio, and set up simple mixes for your surfing accompaniment or general chilling, this is a great choice. I can't help liking simple software that's good at what it does and runs on even lowly hardware. So I can't help liking this.

Of course I still want a powerful browser with great email, newsgroups, RSS, media playing and file management that does scheduling and phone numbers really simply while letting me view a load of webcams flexibly and oh, a bit of simple spread-sheeting and word-processing would be good. But I reckon that's a way off. And another big, dangerous story.

Yes, I've seen Opera and Open Office. Please let's be simple just for now. Hot bath simple. Coffee simple. Lightweight software, float on air for me now.


Posted at 5:36 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday September 27 2005

Upcoming Myst game looks great,

upcoming Tomb Raider looks great. Foobar2000 is really doing it for my media playing. It's really all about the not being all about the bloody skins. I am older seeking clarity, not younger seeking flash. Always. Playing my guitar reminds me to play my guitar. There is an awful lot of Bob Dylan all over the BBC this week, and it's pretty good viewing. I thought I was doing recording work this week but I'm not. It's not hot, it's not cold. New art at Modern Art Oxford soon, but not too many shekels in the bank; curate's egg week. All of Michael Palin's travel writing is on his site, and it's good. It's a really good site, too. There are people I should call, and the dentist amongst them. I don't like between-times of the year, and I don't like the amount of stuff I have to have. And I'll get an easel, while I think about it. Going to a place near Leicester for a big party on Saturday. Hope the weather holds up.


Posted at 5:24 am by Jim Woods

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