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Saturday September 3 2005

I went along

to the Power Plant installation at the Botanic Garden last night. A lot of sound and light stuff, mixed in with a bit of pyro. I enjoyed myself, despite there being rather more people at the event than I had thought there would be. Having said that, it's nice to see a good level of support for cultural events of course. One thing which I really liked about the whole experience was how dark it was. Almost all of the installations were pretty subtle, and we quietly trekked around the Garden in very low light. Which I felt really added to the atmosphere. Actually, I'd have really enjoyed walking around the Garden in the dark on it's own, especially on such a warm and still night. Perfect weather for it. On the whole, a very peaceful experience.


Posted at 9:04 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday September 1 2005

I know the weather's actually lovely,

here in Oxford at any rate, but now it's September. Which for me is autumn. Don't ask me, it's just the name of the month. August = summer, September = autumn. I still haven't got away for a break for two years, and I'm going to do my damnedest to get off for a bit in a month or so. Purely for a change of scene. And anyway, this summer has been a little short on music for me. Long on many things, not least of them reading some good books and getting into some new listening, but I haven't been doing many gigs at all. Fewer than is conducive to good musical and mental health, really. And I'm still deeply niggled by my sloths-pace public works program: Still no heating overhaul, for mortal terror of the cost as much as anything. It's a weird time of year, especially for those of us who like the light and the good weather.

I really must get some bloody furniture.

And I haven't written anything here about software in living memory. Time I did. I've certainly come across a lot of good free stuff recently, so there's something I might share.

Cold's nearly gone.


Posted at 9:32 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday August 31 2005

I freely admit that for the past few days

I've done little to improve man's lot. I've done precious little to improve my own lot either though. I've been recuperating from my cold by living a relatively clean life and sleeping plenty too. This is seeming to get on top of the wicked summer cold aftershocks. Therefore I've invested miserably little money in World Racing, whereby I get to virtually hurl a large selection of Mercs around some remarkably expansive scenery. It's a good game, as these things go. Good physics, pretty graphics. The old cars, needless to say, are more fun. I may abuse this software for a few more days yet. Don't want the cold back. Need to live healthy. Need to keep head down.

Will return.


Posted at 6:28 pm by Jim Woods

Driving games,

oh sweet driving games.


Posted at 4:46 am by Jim Woods

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