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Thursday August 18 2005

Cutting just the ends

off chillis when adding to your creation is supposed to give the flavour of the peppers but not (all) the heat. I wonder if this works?


Posted at 5:52 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday August 16 2005


The Literary Encyclopedia is a great resource for mugging up on writers and ideas.


Posted at 10:05 pm by Jim Woods

In my voyages around the arcana of the net

I have found some really cracking pendulums (or should that be pendulae or something?). I suspect that one is supposed to hunch like a witch in the Scottish Play while swinging 'em over a map or chart of divination or something, but I can't see any terribly good reason not to hang 'em round one's neck in order to appear beast rock. Bags me the tiger's eye. I had a lovely tiger's eye ring once, but I slammed my hand in a draw and broke it. Accidentally.

I'm thinking I might need to read some Iain Sinclair. He is more and more interesting the more I learn. Perhaps it's my geographical background.


Posted at 9:20 pm by Jim Woods

Many useful things are to be learnt

online, which is why I often default to spending a lot of time there. And the computer is on my Bond-villain desk, from whence I hope - at least provisionally - to run the world. Until I get somewhere better to do it from. The perceptive amongst you will have noticed that I have written very little here of late, and of a perfunctory nature. This is because I've been busy offline, rather more so than usual. I have learnt a lot of useful things offline too though. Let me enumerate them for you.

Fixing computers is not a lot of fun. But it's well paid. And a lot better than a real job. You know, one where you do - well, much. Hooray.

Almost all Indian cookery involving spices and herbs involves sticking them into a little hot oil as the first - first as in not later, I tell you - stage of cooking. I knew this, but now I am reminded and I will even implement these methods before too long. I keep saying. Thanks, Madhur Jaffrey. You're the man, in the nicest possible and culinary sense.

My old bike still sort of works and my new one basically does not, which means another trip to berate the wankers at Cycle King. It seems to be a rather-too-frequent feature of my social calendar.

My social calendar is very full, which is lovely and expensive and tiring. In pretty much that order, really.

Glitter gel pens are fantastically fun, although in at least one respect camp as hell. I don't care how camp they are when they look as good as they do though. There's probably something interesting to be deduced from that. Like that glitter gel pens are the best thing. And that I'm a sucker for colourful glittery things.

Tesco's Healthy Living cheddar is "best consumed within three days of opening", which seems a bit harsh. I have failed to notice how long they think ordinary cheddar endures the rigors of the fridge, so cannot be too scientific in my relative observations. The ordinary stuff seems to be good for a lot more than three days though. The Healthy Living, after a week or so, tastes like harder and more fermented shit than it does on first opening. I think maybe my healthy living will need to be more focussed on goat's cheese and Brie in future. Less like a commercial plastic eraser.

I cannot always hear my mobile. I do not always care.

My old guitar amp does not now want to electrocute me like it did months ago. I had let it be since then, hoping to avoid death by that means. Today I wanted the truth. I did clever things with meters and electrical screwdrivers and insulative prodding things, and there was no sign of menace. Must have been a big static electrical jag last time, I suppose. Didn't trip the RCD I always run on it, but still got my attention. I really want the thing overhauled and rebuilt, but recent excitement over old Fender amps also begs my exchequer for funding. Because Neil Young uses old Fender amps. And he sounds beast.

I have learnt more, and will tell. After the undefined break.


Posted at 3:29 am by Jim Woods

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