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Thursday July 28 2005

Nicked this link from Boing Boing

but hey... I've not seen a cooler little hotel setup than this. Geek note: this is clearly not a fighter plane, but whatever. Do have a look.


Posted at 6:25 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday July 27 2005

Bit of a nasty, chilly, wet day

today; these things are sent by higher forces to encourage me to try and catch up with watching the television which my TiVo faithfully captures (and which regular readers will know I view pretty much as an onerous unpaid job). I always liked the description Douglas Adams gave of the video recorder, which was that it was a machine that watched boring TV for you. Frankly, my dears, I prefer the web. Perhaps if I had a means to pump the TiVo through a TV monitor next to my computer I'd get more multitasking done, but I'm frankly reluctant to fill my house with yet more electronic junk. So I'm listening to "The Future Sound of London" instead and writing this.

I've discovered a new culinary delight: Tesco's panini bread. Being a great eater of sandwiches, I've joined in enthusiastically with the current fad for panini. Lacking, however, the large and electrically voracious sandwich press which allows cafes and the like to do the vital toasting stage of construction, I'd previously not tried doing them at home. Then, in a cupboard, I discovered my forgotten George Forman lean, mean grilling machine (mini size). I'd bought this as a sop to healthy low-fat meat cookery a couple of years ago, before realizing that I don't do meat cooking at home. I get the lads with the vans to do it for me, thus saving the mess and fuss. If I bung a moderately-sized panini in it and brush the whole plot with olive oil the results are excellent though.

It is such minor triumphs which constitute my life.


Posted at 8:08 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday July 26 2005

A large site dedicated to the proper cafe

can be found here. Is it just me, or is this really cool? After all, there's nothing like hanging around a greasy spoon is there?

Posted at 11:51 am by Jim Woods

Monday July 25 2005

I'm liking the look

of feedmap, being a devotee of both maps and the web. It seems that in order to implement it one needs an RSS feed though, which is something that I as yet do not have. I am not positive that I want to get into all that at the moment either, since any attempt to add anything too spiffy to my site (hello commenting) usually comes to a screeching halt as I realize that I can't run server-side scripting of any kind on my current host. I know I've whinged about this enough, and perhaps it really is time I gave some thought to moving all my content over to some alternative location. Truth is I can't face the work involved. Guess I should come of age and get some hosting.

Enough of this well-trodden path.

And of course I do have this rather neat facility...


Posted at 6:55 pm by Jim Woods

I have a great army

of tiny, tiny frogs in my pond. Don't cross me, or I'll wreak a biblical havoc upon you! I have also cut back a lot of garden stuff and pondered the unsatisfactory nature of the twist-grip shift on my Shimano Nexus-equipped bike. Truly crap. Only frog-joy can console me at the moment.

With the Tour de France over I can get on with watching less TV now. It'd be nice to have spent a bit less time and money in the pub, but hey - I'm a social animal. Maybe I'll get around to doing some mods on my Ibanez bass before next Sunday's gig and maybe I won't. Maybe I need to get out less.


Posted at 3:35 am by Jim Woods

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