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Thursday July 7 2005


enough setting up a new bass (more later) and thrashing around the bugs in Uru - Path of the Shell, pretty though it is. Time for epic shut-eye...


Posted at 12:42 am by Jim Woods

Wednesday July 6 2005

I was just blown away by

Belleville Rendezvous. What a film - staggeringly beautiful, extremely funny and really rather weird. The sort of thing, in fact, which French directors do so well. Do see this if you get the chance. I promise you it's superb...


Posted at 9:04 pm by Jim Woods

Monday July 4 2005

Thankfully the rain held off,

so that even if today's wet and horrid Saturday's events weren't washed out. Not so sure it's good news in Edinburgh; some people who feel that violence is the way forward seem to have turned up there, which is faintly ridiculous as usual.

I enjoyed the show - on TV - on Saturday. For me the highlights were REM, Dido and of course the Floyd. I don't know that I have a great deal to add to the net-wide comments on it all, but I did notice that David Gilmour had added a nice touch for the truly Floyd-obsessed amongst us: He'd dusted off the old black Strat which, I am almost certain, last saw a stage when Roger Waters was last on it with him for The Wall gigs. I could even spot the mounting holes for what used to be a Kahler trem before, presumably, he realized that it was a tone-killer. I thought they played better as the original line-up (plus Tim Renwick) than they ever had as the expanded band of the eighties and nineties. Magic. Due to my using my TiVo to record things, so that I could sleep off the depredations of Friday's lash, I was somewhat inconvenienced by how late things were running. Despite my careful fail-safe programming, I therefore wound up with about an hour and a half of unwanted Wimbledon, a lot of indifferent young bands, and only half of the REM and Floyd sets. Mercifully I caught the entire Floyd set in the pub, where marvellously I was joined by three young actresses who joined in singing the Floyd set word-for-word and opined that they hadn't minded missing the day's events at all since they had caught the Floyd. Made my day, I can tell you.

I'll be getting the latter half of REM's doings from BBC3 this week. Eight to nine each night this week, the highlights.

Tour de France proceeds apace, with young Thomas Voeckler and Dave Zabriskie seeming to be the ones to watch. I can't help feeling that Lance Armstrong will win again though, just because he so rarely puts a foot wrong.

It's raining and miserable, and I'm off to see my godson now.


Posted at 5:57 pm by Jim Woods

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