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Wednesday June 15 2005

A lot of nice stuff

on Keith's site about valve amps and vinyl sources. If you like the idea of old-style kit at low prices, be sure to check out the Chinese valve amplifier section.


Posted at 4:46 pm by Jim Woods

Revelling as I do

in eccentricity, technological do-it-yourselfery and general persistence in the face of overwhelming odds without really noticing, I am delighted to present a cassette-based DJ from Russia. Whether this guy is simply fiscally-challenged, or whether he has made a statement of exquisitely ironic retro-technological chic, is beyond me to say. I love stuff like this. Then again, I too persist in using cassettes - albeit infrequently. I don't do anything half as cool as this. Who'd have though that there was anything one could do with cassette that no-one had thought of yet? The idea of beat matching in this medium boggles the mind. I mean, this guy has tape counters to know where things are! Quartz-locked what? There's an early-days-of-flight vibe here that's hard to resist. And listen to his mixes. Wow.


Posted at 4:12 pm by Jim Woods

I've been sorting out my two computers,

which have near-simultaneously thrown minor stability wobblers. The fact of their acting up at the same time has given rise to suspicions on my part that some form of malicious software has sneaked on there. Being a careful man in that regard, they're both sat behind the firewall in my router and are both running XP service pack 2 with all the updates from Microsoft. They both run an up-to-date suite of protective software too; AVG anti-virus, Spybot S&D and Ad-Aware SE. I run Firefox, and again it's bang up-to-date. This is about as much as one can do, and in fact is also the minimum one should do. Nothing seems to be amiss as far as all this stuff can tell. I am therefore forced to conclude that the problem is one caused by a mess of video codecs, or some other common Windows malaise.

I fear that our old and time-consuming friend the clean install may be upon me. As someone who tries out a fair amount of software, and who uses a lot of applications to do a lot of things a for a lot of time on these systems, I am reconciled to doing clean installs more frequently than most. I see that the last one was three months ago, and the time before that I went seven months. I reckon seven months is pretty good, but I'm a bit pissed off that I only got three months grace the last time.

Anyway, that's all pretty boring.

Less boringly, a friend has given me the Sony 2001D short wave radio he was using in his garage to listen to Radio 2. A complete waste of resources, so I've swapped it with him for an ordinary radio. I used to be pretty keen on short wave, until in fact I moved to a flat so low-lying that there was no chance of getting a decent aerial together or really receiving anything useful. Now I live in the urban retreat things are a bit rosier, and I found an old frequency guide I still had and have been enjoying digging around the spectrum. It's a nice antidote to the computer, since the radio pretty much just works.

It's good discovering old interests, I find. Keeps you young.


Posted at 1:33 pm by Jim Woods

Monday June 13 2005

We had these Nautilus beasts at the carnival yesterday,

right by where I was playing, for a bit. And I thought they were great - both amazing to look at and sounding pretty good.


Posted at 1:18 pm by Jim Woods

Sunday June 12 2005

Wow - I see the original Floyd line-up

are reforming for the G8 concert in Hyde Park. That'll be one not to miss.

School reunion was actually rather nice on Saturday, as the few people there from "my lot" were very cool. It did mean wearing a suit, but there was a lot of wine. So it's all good.

Today's carnival was splendid fun. I did about four hours of bass-playing, which certainly reminded me what physically hard work it is when you've left it alone for a while. I'm now a mellow fellow with calloused fingers. But all in all I had a very pleasant weekend, and feel very relaxed. Pretty much nothing I have to do until Thursday, so it's probably time to get a few albums listened to and a book or two read.


Posted at 11:47 pm by Jim Woods

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