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Saturday May 21 2005

Happy birthday to me...

Ugh, my head. Must be the Chinese :)

Today, if you'll excuse me, I have better things to do than labour over writing here. Like lying down quietly in preparation for my celebration tonight - having rehearsed last night - and also retaining enough energy for yet another celebration on Sunday. Three day event this year. What it is to have such busy friends.


Posted at 1:12 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday May 18 2005

If you're like me,

and sublimate your nascent urge to do all the things you should by endlessly researching ways of organizing your to-do lists rather than actually doing anything, then this site is a dream. For the record, I've been really bashing away at checking out various methods of keeping track of such tasks/projects. My conclusions are thus:

GTDTiddlyWiki is great, since it fulfils all my criteria for a software application of this kind. It's simple to use, it's free and it is entirely run and hosted on one's own system. I grant you that it has no particular collaborative features, unlike several web-based solutions, but then they used to shoot collaborators. If your 'puter-ridden this'll be the one.

On the other hand, I prefer notebooks and scraps of paper. Quick, quick and quick. No batteries, no bollocking around. Moleskine. Yes yes, Moleskine. The Moleskine makers site, by the way, is here. Ok, these notebooks cost about eight quid. But they are the bit, so it's money well spent. My particular favourite feature is the little concertina pocket at the back, in which I keep all my bits of paper and scroty notelets.

PDAs are probably invaluable to some, but for me there is a huge stumbling block. They sync to MS Outlook, and they use MS Office file formats in general. Well they would, really, wouldn't they? These data formats are the choice of sheep and lemmings everywhere. Without the ability to easily back up all data and use it on other machines (like mine, running Mozilla stuff in the main - not perfect but the best I've found) I cannot see a use. So I'll drink the money instead and carry on with pen and paper.

Desk calendar is good. Due to my single-minded crusade to keep the Indian restaurant trade going I'm never short of calendars, and I keep one on my desk so I can see at a glance when I'm busy. Let's face it, you could never tell that by simply observing me.

I have a mini Filofax, but unfortunately I don't find it mini enough. Nice little thing though.

With all this talk of planning doing things, I'd like to get out in the sun and actually do some. It's market day here in Oxford for one thing. Sadly I'm stuck in all day waiting for a courier to swap out a Hansol monitor that failed a couple of weeks inside its three year warranty. I've already replaced it with a nineteen inch, but I need to get the old one replaced in order to flog it and defray some costs.




Posted at 11:33 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday May 17 2005

Still agonizing over the potential acquisition

of a hard-drive based MP3 jukebox thing. Current favourite is this Sony. The main pluses and minuses are as follows, given that I am already pretty much sold on the idea of carrying huge amounts of audio entertainment around wherever I am:

This creature can be dropped, as it has a shock protection feature. This is VERY GOOD, because stuff gets dropped.

Like all Sony products, this little thing is nicely styled which cannot hurt.

Battery life is exemplary compared with anything else I've seen (iPods especially).

Sadly, there seems to be no way of using it to record other than from a computer.

It's a Sony, and I have had bad experiences of their reliability and customer service. Really.

The software (Sonic Stage) used to manage it on yer 'puter is of the second or third water in my experience.

I can get one from Argos for £200. It's a lot of dosh, but not for what you're getting with this sort of thing.

Twitch twitch bloody twitch - should I get one? Thinking yes, but wallet aching...

Mind you, birthday on Saturday next may yield contributory groats.


Posted at 9:53 am by Jim Woods

Sunday May 15 2005

I must say

I'm toying with the idea of a cow. I strongly approve of cows.


Posted at 4:23 pm by Jim Woods

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