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Thursday May 12 2005

Just struggled to the tip

with my bulging building-site bag of garden rubbish. I had great trouble lifting it up to get it in the skip at the, yes, tip. To give some idea, it was about three times my size (very large, thanks for asking) and about half my weight; well, it's not built from quite such high-quality materials, is it? Just branches and leaves and weeds and shit. Really. Maybe the odd dead frog. I'm removing a small and offensive hedge, as well as doing a lot of general clearing and tidying.

Lest anyone think that I complain too frequently and extensively about my garden maintenance, consider this: I enjoy my garden, and I'm not averse to gardening a bit here and there. Unfortunately my garden is very labour intensive, being a sun trap full of various pernicious organisms. It's just super-fertile. Fecund as all-get-out. When I have wrestled another four or so huge, as in hardly able to drag them or fit them in the state Micra, bags of stuff off to the tip I'll be on top of things for a bit. I reckon that during the peak growing months to come I'll be taking at least one if not two such bags out of the "grounds". So it's pretty hard work, at least for a semi-idle git with a bit of a back.

Nice little garden though.

There is a whopping rattle in the front of my Micra. One, in fact, that wasn't there before all the MOT tribulations of a month or so ago. I'd worry about it, but I'm not short of worries and therefore have relegated this one.

You envy me my insouciance, don't you, even without the cedilla? How you wish you could ignore banging like the dark one himself walloping the underside of your bonnets. "What kind of man is this Inchoate", you muse, "that he can scoff in the very face of mechanical tribulation, and spit in the eye of calamity?"

Well, the kind that has sussed out that the rattling disappears with the bonnet up, is what. So I hardly think it's very serious. And I have a way with bonnets anyway, brooking no nonsense. On a boys day out in my faithful van-variant plastic pig (think post Del-boy, but only just - and mine was diarrhea-brown), to the Marshall factory in Milton Keynes I think, said moulded and mouldering vehicle began to overheat. Sometimes it would catch fire amusingly, but on this occasion it was just having a bit of a brew. Too many sweaty rockers in it, I dare say. You could feel the solitary front wheel becoming temporarily airborne occasionally as involuntary wheelies were pulled. Reason enough to wear a flying helmet, if not a suit of armour. Having no better ideas I physically ripped the bonnet off, chucked it in the back, and enjoyed greater cooling.

So I'm not taking any anything from bonnets.

Off to pay bills and run errands and phone Hansol about a dud monitor. Lovely sunny day...


Posted at 10:20 am by Jim Woods

And since I'm in an ongoing spring-cleaning mode,

in every area of the life, I ought to say that this blog - the thing you're reading now - will shortly be the only thing on my Pipex space. What this means is that there may be links to stuff that no longer exists here. I doubt it, as the site isn't that complex; then again, I am that most dangerous animal - the plastic Luddite playing with machines. The idea is to move towards simplicity, as you'll all be sick of hearing by now, so a lot of abortive sites and sub-sites are biting the dust tonight. Please bear with me.

Of course this main blog site'll still be here. And if you want to see what can be done with no real effort, although rather looking like it to, you can always take a squint at my MSN Space, my Flickr account or my Blogger blog. Actually the Blogger blog is full of great links, and frequently updated. If I meet you in real life and say "I linked to such and such the other day", it's a fair bet that that's where it is.

Content generation, forward! Die, cleaning-obstructing cruft! Let battle commence!


Posted at 1:58 am by Jim Woods

I may have omitted to mention that

with the acquisition of a little £50 Hitachi mini-system (and three year warranty for another £3!) for my bedroom, and the old Dell laptop kindly donated by key brethren the Hatter, I know have all forms of common audio around the house. Having stuck a Belkin wireless card in the laptop, I can now use Winamp to stream web audio through either the little system in the bedroom or my living room. In the office (yeah, it's my landing - at least it has a desk on it) lurks the main (ok, other) PC and the router, so it's stream away - or play CDs, in either every room in the house or one adjacent to it. More of a tiny house thing than a whopping great home entertainment network thing, but the results are still cool. Much more music is getting played, and that's the point.

Check out St Germain. Battling it out with early seventies Herbie Hancock for my ear at the moment.



Posted at 1:42 am by Jim Woods

Of course I could just write this blog,

and write it and write it, in a text editor and FTP it to my web space. It would get to be a long page, but I suppose that when it got too long I could just "archive" it and start another one - a manual process of simple file renaming. Given the rudimentary style of the thing at present, this seems like a way of greatly simplifying the software used without really impacting the functionality.

It's a real pity that Pipex don't allow CGI scripting on their web space, as it really limits my options in running the site. I'd like commenting, for example, to get a bit of dialogue going.

The struggle continues. Simpler, stronger.


Posted at 1:26 am by Jim Woods

Wednesday May 11 2005

Today I discovered a very exciting thing!

A freeware spreadsheet. Incredible though it sounds, the only free spreadsheets I'd previously been able to find were either the one in OpenOffice, which everyone should probably go for if they use MS Office/Excel already and it pisses them off, and a thing I can't remember the name of which was written for Windows 3.1 and therefore is terribly old and creaky on more modern systems. Now I bought MS Works Suite 2000, and it has served me well over the years. I've used the spreadsheet in it for all kinds of pretty low-faluting but handy stuff. I still would, but now I have two computers. On the desktop unit I have Works, doing the job. The Laptop has no cd drive though, from which I might install said Works, and in any case I'm not sure of the legality of running it on two computers. Furthermore, it's only the spreadsheet I use in Works in any case. I want to transfer sheets between the two computers though, so I've always had an eye out for a small and light free spreadsheet - I don't want to fill up the laptop with huge, slow-loading OpenOffice really, good though it is for heavyweight business use. So finding this was exciting. Isn't it? Really?


Posted at 2:38 am by Jim Woods

Monday May 9 2005

More bug joy,

where writing an entry which involves copying and pasting a spot of text from elsewhere - usually el webbo - into the editor in Blog means that everything textual after that point goes AWOL and text sizes get funny. I might have been the sort of person who painstakingly tracks down the circumstances in which a bug occurs by trial and error, but I'm not now. I just know that I'm pissed off with the buggy editing component, and looking at alternatives.

I rather thought I might simply write all my content in a text editor. I mean, it's not like the current effort is so glamorous, is it? I could just use a template. Splendidly future-proof and cross-platform too, the text. The idea does appeal.


Posted at 2:50 am by Jim Woods

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