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Friday May 6 2005

I was going to go on and on

about the agonies of trying to find an electric guitar that I really liked, but then today I found it in my local shop (for local people, of course). Years of searching, years of wishing something were a little different. Then you find it. I walk into the shop, past a guitar that's been hung up there for months at a relatively piffling £300, and a song pops into my head. I grab the nearest axe to work out some chords, and think "this is nice". Fifteen minutes later I turn in my existing bastard-to-set-up gigging axe and £150, and it's mine. Don't know that I've ever had an instrument that I loved more. And I'm about a grand under budget. Landlords everywhere are partying hard in anticipation...


Posted at 9:14 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday May 5 2005

Oh, the confusion

of the world! On the off-chance that you are interested in my two main problems, I'll expound upon that theme.

I don't mean, of course, the health wealth and happiness and stuff like that. That, I largely spare you. Believe me, for the time being it's much better that way. Doesn't mean I won't in future, but rest easy now.

Because I'm writhing in a sweaty little knot over browsers and guitars. You read correctly. Same old same old.

Define your own problems, and the ones foisted upon you will become largely background. That's my idea. I mean, we're always going to be predisposed to consider things we have decided are a priority, aren't we? And for me that means things that worry me because I'm me, not things that worry me because I am perceived not to be something else. Like someone who keeps their garden under full control, for example. That's me. I'm someone who worries that I'm not someone who has their garden under full control, but I'm not someone who worries about it because I worry about it. Although it'd be nice if I were. I'd do it rather more assiduously.

With me? Good.

Not sure I am.

Browsers. Like trousers, but there's more fun in 'em.

I browse like a browsing bastard on browsing pills, aided and abetted by sporadic employment and a natural speed-reading ability (we all have a skill). That'll be why I get so steamed up about the software which I use to do so. Lately, however, I've had remarkably little to grouse about; Firefox, in a word. But it's not the actual software I'm on about. That works pretty well, excepting a few really irksome and longstanding bugs in the bookmark management and sorting. Still, what's perfect? They'll get fixed. Eventually. It's the business of managing my bookmarks between computers that troubles me.

Here's what I do: Recently blessed with a laptop of venerable but still useful specifications - it cost me forty-five quid for some more memory and twenty-five for a wifi card, laptop gratis (bless you Hatter) - I am now a two-computer household. I have a desktop PC, which I use most of the time, and then there is the laptop. Useful around the rest of my manor, given the recently installed (and dead neat) wifi. Both get used for a lot of browsing, using a pair of Firefoxes. But, my dears, it's keeping them in sync. In an average day about fifteen or so bookmarks will be added by me for future reference. And some of my existing ones may well be deleted or rearranged or whatever. What's less predictable, though, is on which machine. This is pretty random. So I need to keep the two browsers synced up. And the only practical way of doing this is to run them both from the same bookmark file. There are a number of ways of doing this...

Run the whole shebang off my USB thumb drive. Easy, but too slow. And laptop has but one USB 1.1 connector, for which I have better uses.

Run my bookmarks on a remote service for the purpose, for which many free services exist. Don't want my stuff remotely stored, thanks. Too much of a map to my soul to have it all out there...

Keep transferring files between computers, carefully merging files. This avoids loss, but takes no account of edits or removals. If you're following me, you'll see what I mean. Hassle, hassle, hassle.

I need a server. I need a permanently running box with a drive in that quietly leaves my stuff available on my network at all times. But in my tiny house I'll hear the brute, and when you're as insomniac as I am that really, really matters. Maybe I'll buy a network-able drive from PC World. It did look good. Assuming it's quiet, there's only the matter of a hundred and sixty quid to bear in mind. The idea begins to appeal more and more.

I'll let you know how I get on. Any ideas, let me know.

As for guitars, that'll have to wait now. I'm out of time for the moment.


Posted at 8:25 pm by Jim Woods

Went to London,

looked at guitars, did garden work, recorded people, read book about Miles Davis, went to Thame, had sensational curry, chatted to prospective artist, worked on budget, talked to lawyers, made decisions, looked out some hot albums...

Finally got more than two hours sleep in a night. Really.

Did not really write in blog.



Posted at 2:09 am by Jim Woods

Monday May 2 2005

Ah, the May Day jollity!

Still recovering from having attended my first May Day in Oxford for about a quarter of a century. Really! Never mind - plenty of improving gardening and paperwork to do tomorrow, so reality is not far away.

In other scintillating news, I bought a DVD burner for my PC. Philips. It, er... It burns DVDs. Told you it was thrilling stuff. Very handy for backing things up, at any rate. 8x rate in fact.

I really must go to bed.


Posted at 2:59 am by Jim Woods

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