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Thursday April 28 2005

Just finished

doing a complete - and I mean complete - overhaul on a Tanglewood Chicago guitar. It's a sort of a 335-type thing, but cheap and nasty. One of those guitars you get half way through sorting out and then think "this is crap, why am I bothering?" The answer, of course, is that business is business.

In other news, I responded to having great heaps of important things to do by going out drinking last night. I had decided on a couple of quiet pints, so inevitably I returned home just before nine this morning ratted. Note to self: I am now too old for that sort of thing. Good job May Day is in a couple of days.

Mayday, mayday.


Posted at 11:53 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday April 26 2005

I've mentioned tieing the online world

and the physical world closer together before, in connection with GeoURL. There's a button near the top left of this site you can press to see what all that's about. Now I find to my delight that there is a Firefox extension called Nearby, which ties a lot of information in to any site which has the GeoURL tags in the header. What you get is this:

Quoted from the site...

"Shows you Flickr photos, provides GeoURL links and Degree Confluences nearby the website your viewing. Nearby sits on the status bar and lights up whenever the site your viewing has Geographical META data, if so clicking on the Earth logo in the status bar will take you to a page of photos."

Bloody good.

I thoroughly recommend checking out Flickr too, if you're much of a photographer, or even just to browse. Great new(ish) photo sharing, storage and organizing service. You can play for free with a modest free account, but you'll need the full monty to get anything much done. Still, at $25 a year it's hardly expensive.

This post was rather longer originally, but I'm afraid you'll have to soldier on without - a silly bug in the text-entry of Blog, not Fahim's fault, kept losing stuff as I published. I really need to look at my options regarding consolidating all my stuff under one blog. Perhaps remotely hosted for multi-computer ease of access. I know, I keep talking about it.

Back to the real world for more spring cleaning, spring re-organizing and general graft. I'm trying to avoid cars, dentists and garden at the moment with varying degrees of success. House is beginning to come together, at least.


Posted at 10:05 pm by Jim Woods

Reminded that

all gestures in the direction of spring cleaning serve to remind one that it needs doing rather more often than once a year.


Posted at 1:35 am by Jim Woods

Sunday April 24 2005

Well, like most of life's lesser dramas

the epic tale of the Micra's MOT has an anti-climactic denouement. Simply put, after several rather inconvenient droppings-off out in the country I got it fixed up and through the test. In the end there was a bill of £150 for this, nearly a third of which was for the test itself, so I'm not complaining. I drive again! Had me worried for a bit there. Now I'm going to sell it, I think, and get something either a lot newer or rather larger. Still, it's a good car - and you never know, I may stick with it.


Posted at 4:05 pm by Jim Woods

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