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Saturday March 26 2005


Here's a pic to be going on with!


Posted at 2:25 am by Jim Woods

You will recall

that I wondered where this had got to. A1 sub stuff. Really outstanding. I can't wait for some pictures...


Posted at 2:22 am by Jim Woods

Friday March 25 2005

A couple of notable

software updates out: Both Firefox and Thunderbird now at versions 1.02. These are security fixes, and therefore you'll need and maybe want 'em.


Posted at 11:53 am by Jim Woods

Thursday March 24 2005

My proudest claim,

at least as far as blogging (good grief - "blogging" wasn't already in the spell check dictionary for Blog) is concerned, is that I spend less time on presentation in relation to content than anyone else whose blog I read. This is chiefly because I have the programming skills, and that includes HTML, of a totally-disinterested cat. Probably worse in fact. I lack the attention span, for one thing, and for another I nearly went mad doing a computing degree and therefore decided to set my sights at power user non-programming level in future. Anyway, I've long enjoyed Caroline's prolific.org (she lives in Amsterdam! unbounded joy!) and have long admired the link bar up the right hand side of it where she puts little entries consisting of a link with maybe a tiny annotation. It was this "put a link up without feeling compelled to write some sort of essay" thing which spurred me to initiate Inchoate Satellite, in fact. How nice if I could get everything in one place by implementing a similar facility here, though. I wouldn't need two blogs, and I'm all for stuff being simple...


Everything in one place.

No dependence on Blogger to keep providing the service free.


No BlogThis! facility to ease rapid posting.

No posting from boxes other than this one on my desk at home.


In relation to this last point, I hope that before too long various complications will be sorted out that will result in my having the wherewithal to do a lot more travelling, and when that finally comes about I'll be looking to do a great deal more remote emailing and blog posting. So at this point I probably need to give a great deal more thought to how this will be achieved. I guess that in this age of wifi hotspots and internet cafes all over the place there is no real problem, but any kind of "getting all my stuff in one place" will require a certain amount of coding.

Perhaps I'll just get my friend Dan to sort all this out for me for a suitable consideration. He's the wizard when it comes to HTML.

I'll come back to this "use of the net from anywhere" thing later on, as it's beginning to be relevant to my situation. I have a laptop now. It's old and slow, but it was free and a very welcome donation from a good friend. I now want to get some use out of it.

And now for something completely different...

I have at least six frogs. I know this because I was watching five of them having a right old gang bang in the pond yesterday. The sixth one, and I can't condemn anyone for this, just likes to watch. Bet that one's a boy. I spent a fair amount of time watching this known phenomenon which I'd never seen in the green warty flesh before, with a guy who was supposed to be recording. It seemed more interesting at the time...




Splendid stuff on a sunny afternoon.


Posted at 12:27 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday March 23 2005

Opened up a free Flickr account,

because it's an exciting time to play with free stuff online (isn't it, let's face it?), under the name jimbobulous.

I freely admit that I did this purely so that I could upload a picture of what is in my bag, as per recent post.

I feel much better now.

Flickr. Nice tool.

Must get non-steam-powered digital camera some time. Konica KD 3000 Z works well, but is the size and weight of anchor for aircraft carrier.


Posted at 8:22 pm by Jim Woods

Having had a nasty feeling

that something had decimated the frog population in my pond, and possibly the same something that had reduced my total number of large goldfish from seven to one, I'm pleased to report that there is at least some frog activity. There is the low frequency "purring" kind of sound at night that heralds the start of the breeding season, a kind of herpetological "come and get it, big boy" if you will, and I have seen at least two cracking great frogs swimming around. In fact these two are so large that I shan't be daring to try and influence their behaviour in any way, for fear of the consequences. We'll see what kind of tadpole crop there is this year, anyway, but with a bit of luck there'll be enough to guarantee a healthy population without the over-abundance that has in the past seen me ferrying a surplus up to mum's house on the canal for relocation / ethnic cleansing of my yard.

Nice that there's a bit of life around the place. I'll need to do the spring cleaning and gardening next...


Posted at 2:00 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday March 22 2005

In relation to last post,

(but not "The Last Post" quite yet), I today dropped £25 on a 256 meg USB drive thing. And it's a very neat little thing, really, given the relative lack of speed and considerable bulk of any alternative method of lugging a little data about. Darlings, I'm so -er, twentieth century I guess. Whatever next? Jim hooks up a working printer and joins the print age? Heads up, Gutenberg - I is hot on your heels baby!

Nearly went mad and bought a hard-drive based personal stereo today too. Then again you could say that of every visit I've made to town in the last two years. Come to think of it I actually did buy one once, but that was a Goodmans thing from from Richer Sounds that was suspiciously cheap and turned out to be, well, suspiciously crap. I love the idea of having my entire music collection with me wherever I go, but then I remember:

(1) I hardly go anywhere.

(2) I've used a personal stereo of any description for around 30 hours or so in my entire life. As in since the cassette units appeared.

(3) Any kind of headphones irritate me beyond belief.

(4) Things with batteries are a pain.

The circumstances under which I'll get one of these things is when I am going to be spending a lot of time in the car. Which'll be when I have money. Which'll be a while yet.

Ah, the sweet concept of a load of money not spent.


Posted at 9:54 pm by Jim Woods

If you've reached a considerable level of geekdom,

and parade nerdily about the place armed with a USB thumb drive, then this'll interest you. Portable Firefox! The idea is this: You use a number of computers around your manor, and possibly those of friends and internet cafes too. You often find, to your absolute horror, that this forces you to use Internet Explorer to use the web, and that is of course utterly unacceptable. Even if all the systems you use are enlightened ones running the dear old 'fox (let's face it, the only really decent browser at the moment for PCs) you are faced with the nightmare scenario of having different settings and bookmarks all over the place. The solution, or at least a solution, is to run this Portable Firefox from your trusty thumb drive.

I may even get a USB drive for the purpose. I guess they're a handy thing to have in any case...


Posted at 10:52 am by Jim Woods

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