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Friday March 4 2005

Good old

Pipex. My ISP, with whose service I have been very pleased on the whole, are upgrading all their 512k broadband customers (that's me, folks) to double speed at no extra cost in the near future. I guess that this is related to increased competition, in the form of competitor's falling prices or something, but it's a welcome plus. Can't have too fast a link, I always reckon. If you're looking for a broadband service in the UK then I'd recommend them. They probably aren't the cheapest deal out there, but then with anything to do with technology you largely get what you pay for.


Posted at 9:32 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday March 1 2005

Seems to be a slight return

to the time of "no machinery working as it should", a periodic phenomenon which I have noted in the past. Computer is becoming sluggish; this is more a sign that my constant working on it and the devil's brew of software involved have finally begun to necessitate a reinstall - mind you, I've had since 7th August last year on this XP install, and that has to be a record for me. Okay, let's chalk that one down to routine maintenance coming around at the wrong bloody time. Nasty, but inevitable.

Expensive Trichord CD player has begun to get obstreperous when confronted with CD-Rs. A bugger if you have as much to do with demos and so on as I do. Cleaning the lens has not improved the situation, so I fear a look inside and/or realignment of the laser (if possible) is called for. Still, I've had ten years or so out of it for my £600. A pity £600s are so thin on the ground just now, or I might even be tempted to consider updating to a new moderately costly player. Expensive DVD has been pressed into service for the time being, which does at least free up some premium rack real estate. Did I mention that I need more racking, not to mention some bloody furniture?

Neither of my electric guitars is willing to deliver an acceptable action at the moment. This has been going on a while, and I need at least one in decent fettle to earn a pittance and more importantly demonstrate how big (and possibly sometimes clever) I am for the common good in public. Maybe the frightful cold weather is exacerbating it, but somehow I think it's more likely just the devil. The larger and better of my two amplifiers gave me a playful electric shock last time I tried to use it, and I haven't had the courage to check out why that might have been. Dying for my art does not seem very attractive right now.

MiniDisc deck, also needed sometimes for "important stuff", has not responded to a bashing in any long-term useful way. See previous posts... I do hope I shan't end up having to buy another just for the odd time I really need it.

Car has MOT approaching, and either the devil is clinging to the exhaust and raking it here and there with his sharp little red claws to wind me up or the exhaust is coming loose or something. I reckon the former. I need to have a look underneath. If it's the catalytic converter it'll be so costly to sort that the future of the state Micra may be imperilled.

Teeth are crap, and this will cost. Power amp for PA still needs fixing. Garden needs major works before spring, and house needs a fair amount of maintenance in some important respects. It's all just peachy here, I can tell you. Current policy, due to a lot of legal bills and general bollocks that needs sorting and paying, is to see how I manage on a borrowing some stuff and doing without other stuff regime.

I am now going to go for beer. Then I need to get off to Amsterdam for a bit and escape. The former, at least, I know I'll manage.

If my grammar is off today blame it on the rage.


Posted at 10:03 pm by Jim Woods

Monday February 28 2005

I came across

this site, BootsnAll, which seems like my kind of thing. It's all about independent travel (right now a chance would be a fine thing), and has lively discussion boards as well as all the usual trimmings. Of particular interest is the cheap European hotels section.

Posted at 1:26 am by Jim Woods

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