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Saturday February 26 2005

Some security fixes

in Firefox 1.01, so you'll want to get it. There are a few other bug fixes in there too, but nothing to do with the bookmark handling, and in particular sorting, so there you go. Time goes on, and the software gets better - unlike damn near everything else. Miserable old sod I am.

Inundated with parties and social events and recording at the moment, which explains my relative lack of presence here online. This'll change, but perhaps not quite yet...


Posted at 8:53 pm by Jim Woods

Thursday February 24 2005

The BBC news site

tells me that the weather will be milder at the weekend, and the BBC weather site reckons that it'll be minus seven on Sunday night (as I cycle about like a two-wheeled Scott of the Antarctic). Yahoo's weather forecast is somewhere between the two, and so is the Met Office. I might add that all these services, which appear as I fire off my first-thing-of-the-day set of tabs, have been duly fed my location. I wonder what gives? I always assumed that everyone takes their forecast from the Met Office - who are the people who do the weather, right? How there can be so many takes on the weather, then, is a bit of a mystery. I'm well aware of the difficulties involved in accurate forecasting, but I would sort of expect the BBC to agree with itself. I think we need to be told...

Posted at 2:48 pm by Jim Woods

Monday February 21 2005

Might be a bit of snow

coming up. Nice, unless you live in a draughty house and primarily travel by bicycle.



Posted at 6:18 pm by Jim Woods

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