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Wednesday January 26 2005

Oh yeah,

and in order to placate Lovely Peter, who is perennially anxious that I should carefully scrutinize www.moneysavingexpert.com these days, I have not only had a good look at it but I have linked it here. Go on, people - go and save!

My own saving is of course largely centred around not buying things I need in favour of buying things I don't. Of course I also sometimes buy the things I need as well as the things I don't, but then I make sure I'm getting a really good deal on the things I don't. So that's ok. I save! See how I save! Save to waste! I have been known to buy things I don't even want, and sometimes when I know that they're a really bad deal. But that's me. It's complicated.

Whew. Right, I'm off to get a really good deal on something I don't want now. But I need it.

Posted at 2:24 pm by Jim Woods

Fanciers of idiosyncratic,

unusual, or in fact just plain shagged vehicles should definitely go and have a look at Hoopty Rides. Quite apart from any interest the selection of jalopies might hold for you, the entries are amusing and well-written. If only the crowded UK's motoring rules and regulations allowed such a cavalier and stylish approach to road transport. Ah, wait a minute - they did. When I was young. Never mind. The scrotes will rise again!

Posted at 1:56 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday January 25 2005

The BBC radio player,

a staple facility in the Inchoate arsenal, has been revamped. The new player now sports more content as well as a very handy ability to remember where you are in a program and resume it at a later date - well, within the seven day limitation that is. Given what a bag of nails the old player was, and I need to be clear here that I'm referring to the player software rather than the idea itself, this is a welcome improvement.

Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, the underlying technology is still the verminous RealPlayer - which you might quite understandably not want to install on your machine. As I've previously noted in this blog you can install the cracking Real Alternative, and continue merrily on your way unhindered by all the rubbish Real use to mess up your media-playing experience. And if you're on a Linux box and a bit more of a techie, there's some good advice here on circumventing the player interface altogether. Happy listening, people.

Posted at 10:29 pm by Jim Woods

All I recently have to say is this:

get a ring tone of a Tasmanian Devil. It sounds - well, listen yourself. It'll get your attention.

Posted at 2:01 am by Jim Woods

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