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Friday January 7 2005

I had one of these...

Watch this. I think I'm going to get another. Soon.

Posted at 7:13 pm by Jim Woods

Wednesday January 5 2005

I've been busy

- well, I spent a night on it - nailing together a web site. Something a bit prettier than this blog, which of course has cheerfully fulfilled that function for two and a half years. I'm a big fan of low-bandwidth, low-maintenance stuff; therefore I have no immediate plans to make the new site the centrepiece of my web space. The figures indicate that I have a happy band of readers, and I'm pleased by that. If anyone had a real problem with this blog's rudimentary layout they'd probably have said so by now.

Oh, thirty new emails...

Joking apart, thanks for reading and don't worry - I'm not going all straight and corporate. I just wanted something I could use as a bit of eye-candy to tie all my web stuff together. I really don't imagine I'll be putting all my content into that format any time soon, because I am without doubt the most inept coder ever born. But it may be worth keeping tabs on the new site, as I'll be trying to think of some interesting places to take it.

With splendid self-reference I'll add an article to it soon which will explain the software and methods used. This will probably be of some interest to other people who struggle with this sort of thing, as I do.

Don't forget that my article on knocking up your first web site or page still resides in disgraceful but splendid isolation in the articles section here, should you need a hand.


Posted at 11:32 pm by Jim Woods

Tuesday January 4 2005


The MiniDisc trick only works if you give the thing a good kicking every time you load a disc and the TOC gets read.

Wonder how long it'll take to frag the thing?

Posted at 12:01 pm by Jim Woods

If you have

a MiniDisc unit which is giving it the old old "can't read TOC" error, like my Sharp MD MT80 was, don't vent your towering rage by binning the unit. It's what one wants to do, but it'll get you nowhere of course. I did a little Googling and found all manner of technical stuff, none of which actually shed much light on why a unit with probably only fifty hours on it was refusing to play ball. The most useful advice I could glean from a large number of forum posts was to go at it with the old Scouse screwdriver; this means bash it about a bit. I bashed it. It remained recalcitrant. I bashed it some more and swore colourfully while doing so. Normal operation is now restored...

I did see an explanation which said that a film of dried oil can form on a crucial slidey thing if the unit is not used for a long time. I had not used it for a long time, so I'll go along with that as a technical explanation.

Masses of delicate high-tech gubbins miraculously shoe-horned into that sexy little metal case and the best method of servicing it is to wallop it all on your desk a bit. Lovely stuff. My faith in technology is restored. Not since discovering that a great liver-spraining drink does wonders in fighting off a cold have I been so encouraged.

Now I must wrestle my duvet into a clean cover, and for that I'll need my strength. Nighty-night.

Posted at 2:25 am by Jim Woods

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