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Friday December 24 2004

I quite enjoy

doing the Christmas shopping, but I loathe the wrapping. As a youngster I prided myself on my considerable wrapping abilities, but things are different now.

I'd do better wrapping stuff using my feet, frankly.

But festivity continues nonetheless, and I am away from the computer a lot at the moment. So I'll take the opportunity to wish all of you a very merry Christmas. Make it a good one if you can...

Posted at 6:12 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday December 21 2004


still has the rage as well as the tone...

Posted at 8:00 pm by Jim Woods


article here on Wired about new phone phreaking methods. I remember the trouble we went to, pre-internet, to get hold of any information at all on the subject of telephone systems. What little real stuff we garnered generally had relevance only to the USA, and was in the form of text "philes" lovingly retrieved from BBS systems probably via an Amiga or Atari ST computer and a 1200 baud modem. Believe me, things are better now in most respects. I mean, 1200 baud? The crap dialup modem you'll get free in any PC now will run somewhere around 45,000-50,000 baud and I know we all reckon that's like watching paint dry.

Be that as it may, I'll grudgingly tear myself away from ranting about the past and how long I've been playing about with communications equipment and get back to the point at hand. And the point of the rather interesting Wired article is that there are - no surprises here - manifold ways of urinating on someone's parade vis-a-vis their mobile. So practice safe telephony, people. I note smugly that as the habitual owner of what tend to be the cheapest and least well-featured handsets on the market I enjoy a high-ish degree of security just by dint of having better things to do with my money than buy mobiles with it. I mean - Bluetooth? Who cares?

I'm happily sticking with my old crap technology. I reckon that newish implementations of oldish features are inherently the most stable and trustworthy way to go with gizmos in general. Tried and tested wins every time.

Posted at 3:47 am by Jim Woods

As I've observed

that there's nothing much more ridiculous than posting about not posting, I'll say nothing.

I see clear signs of action on the Haystack site, which cheers me. I've long kept an eye on this resource-hungry and still crude application, because when it's sorted out it'll probably be the answer to my prayers. Tie all your information on the computer together under one interface, regardless (pretty much) of format or context? We've all heard that one before, but from my - admittedly fairly brief - playing around with Haystack it seems to come closer than anything else I've seen.

Roll on the elegant solution, eh?

Posted at 3:08 am by Jim Woods

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