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Thursday December 9 2004

Very busy,

despite spending about as little time asleep as will support life. I have, however, found something rather good on the web. One Block Radius is a "psychogeographic survey of the block where New York's New Museum of Contemporary Art will build a new facility in late 2004".

This is a great deal less wanky than it sounds.

(note to self - I'm impressed that wanky is in the spellchecker, but then maybe I've added it myself in the past)

Anyway, loads of pictures and sounds and interesting whatnot, and a hell of a cool interface.

Posted at 10:22 am by Jim Woods

Tuesday December 7 2004

So, fancy yourself

as a bit of a writer do you? You'll be needing the old word processor then. Or more accurately the old word processing software. Or more accurately the recently-updated word processing software. No, I didn't hyphenate "word processing", and nor will I in all probability. Stop holding your breath at the back there.

The way I see it, you have three obvious choices. Assuming that you draw the line at paying for software when there's good free stuff out there that is. And regular readers know that I crave the free; free has virtues all its own.

I don't know whether you'd call WordPad free, as you'd have had to buy Windows to get it. Then again, in most cases you'll probably have bought your PC with XP on it, so strictly speaking you won't have specifically had to buy WordPad. And it'll do for most things, provided that you can live without a spellchecker. That's the simple option - and I really like how simple it is to use.

Secondly, there's Open Office. This is just the trick for weaning yourself off MS Office, as it does pretty much all the same stuff and can cope really quite well with the MS file formats in which the unenlightened still seem keen to circulate documents. Actually you get a whole office suite with this one, but I find that having something so thunderingly big and complex around tends to erode the objective of clean, compact software. Still, nice package to run a business off.

Thirdly, AbiWord - which is a recent discovery for me. This one can be used under Linux and Apple's OSX too if you're really enlightened. I'm really impressed with it. It seems to have all the stuff you need and little that you don't, and it's pretty small and fast. So far, I really like it. Inter-compatibly with the lumbering Word is as yet not great, but there are no other drawbacks. And you have the plugin-extensible thing going on. This architecture, which I so love in Firefox and Thunderbird, means you can add on all sorts of functionality should you need it, but can equally avoid the clutter of it if you don't. Very sensible. And well worth a shot. It's only a five meg download, so even dialup medievalists can share the joy.

Posted at 12:18 am by Jim Woods

Monday December 6 2004


and visited this very comprehensive Blade Runner site. I'll be so pleased when the Special Edition finally comes out - the existing DVD transfer is of horrible quality.

Posted at 12:45 pm by Jim Woods

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